ChikuTaku (game)

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ChikuTaku (game)
Video Game Info
English NameChikuTaku
Announcement DateJanuary 17, 2023
Release DateJanuary 24, 2023
DevelopersWatson Industries
PublishersAmelia Watson, COVER Corporation
ProgrammersCharlotte Charlotte
ArtistsRonin Ronin, SeafoamBoy SeafoamBoy, OLIVIOUS OLIVIOUS, Spiritsnare Spiritsnare
CastAmelia Watson, Bubba
Enginep5.js, Aseprite, Blender
GenresRythm Game

ChikuTaku is a video game produced by Amelia Watson and Watson Industries. The game is based off Amelia's first original song of the same name.


ChikuTaku is a rythmn game developed by Watson Industries. Programming was done by Charlotte, with Amelia's original song composer, WUNDER RiKU, returning for the game's SFX. Main art was made by Ronin, with SeafoamBoy, OLIVIOUS, Spiritsnare assisting with the animation of the game. The game can be played on a web browser, or downloaded for free through the page. Gameplay is fairly simple, consisting of only a single button operation for dodging, jumping, and blocking. While there are no plans for micro-transactions or special costumes, future updates may include new levels and Ame variants. Amelia began thinking of the game concept a year in advance, however after falling ill multiple times and getting busy with other projects, she was forced to put the project on hold. Serious work with the programmers and artist began in November 2022, often meeting with the Watson Industries team in the middle of the night when most of them were awake. [1]


Instructions for ChikuTaku are shown during the player's first run, and are available for review on the page. There are a total of 5 mini-game style stages in ChikuTaku.



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