Hololive CouncilRyS RPG

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Hololive CouncilRyS RPG
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Hololive fan made game
Composer(s)Jeremy Robson
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
EngineRPG Maker MZ
ReleaseApril 9, 2023
Genre(s)Role Playing
Mode(s)Single player

Hololive CouncilRyS RPG is an unofficial fan made role-playing game. It was developed by Kebbie, credited for game development, art, and writing. The music was recomposed by Jeremy Robson. The game was developed using RPG Maker MZ.


Hololive Council with Project Hope work together to investigate the mystery behind the EN curse. Together as CouncilRyS, they find themselves faced with alternate universe versions of themselves. After an initial confrontation, they must then venture on to defeat their alternate selves and restore normalcy.


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