Delivering Hope

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Delivering Hope
Game logo
Hololive fan made game
Developer(s)David Wu SoftDev
Publisher(s)David Wu SoftDev
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Android
Mode(s)Single player

Delivering Hope is a free Hololive fan made video game developed and published by a Peruvian developer David Wu SoftDev.


Players play as GuyRyS to set yeet strength and angle. After that, they play as IRyS to boost.

Two modes of gameplay are available: Normal and Classic. In Classic mode, there are no Nanashi Mumei, Ouro Kronii, aerial items or downward boost.

Characters and descriptions[edit]

IRyS is the playable character after GuyRyS. GuyRyS is the playable character that sets yeet strength and angle.

Mori Calliope gives IRyS a yeet.

Hakos Baelz stops IRyS.

Nanashi Mumei gives a small boost, or big boost when her counter reaches 0.

Ouro Kronii changes angle and gives a small boost.


  • IRyS and Hakos Baelz had played the game.