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Splash Party is a concert series that was announced at the start of Hololive Summer 2023. The Concert series runs for 2 days, on August 26 & 27, 2023. The concert is the first summer concert for Hololive, featuring 53 talents in total. [1] The first day of the concert, Sunshine, was originally delayed due to server issues with the Z-an platform.[2] The Sunshine event would later go on to be postponed entirely due to the persisting technical difficulties.[3] After an apology and confirmation of refunds for day 1 ticket holders from Z-an [4], Hololive announced that Sunshine would be streamed for free on August 27th at 1 PM JST on the Hololive Youtube Channel. [5]


Sunshine (Day 1)[edit]

Night (Day 2)[edit]



Song Performer(s)
Japanese English / Romaji Unit Members
青春アーカイブ1 Seishun Archive Seishun Archive 🐻☄️🌽⚓️💫🔮🎨🐔🔱
おーしゃんうぇーぶ・Party☆らぃ1 Ocean wave Party☆Live Umisea ⚓️🏴‍☠️🎣🐙🔱
アイワナムチュー Love Trap Muchuー ShishiWata 🐏
ワーワーワールド Wah Wah World AmeMiko 🌸🔎
メンヘラじゃないもん! Menhera Janai Mon! AquShio ⚓️🌙
Dreaming Days1 Hololive 1st Generation 🌟🌽🏮🍎
HOLOTORI Dance!1 Holotori 🚑🥀🦚🐔🦉
FREELY TOMORROW Hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation 🧟‍♀️🍂🦚
臥薪嘗胆 Extreme Hardships Hololive Indonesia 🐿🔮🎨🧟‍♀️🍂🦚📜2🔨22
ぐるぐるワンダーランド Guru Guru Wonderland SubaChocoLuna 💋🚑🍬
Shiny Smily Story (2022 ver.)1 Hololive 3rd Generation 👯🔥⚔️🏴‍☠️
なかま歌1 NAKAMAKA Shiraken 🌸☄️🔥⚔️🎪
シュガーラッシュ Sugar Rush miComet 🌸☄️


Song Performer(s)
Japanese English / Romaji Unit Members
アバンチュール♡ホリック1 Aventure♡Holic Aventure♡Holic 💋🍙⚔️🏴‍☠️👾☃️🦚🌿
迷宮なラビリンス1 Labyrinthine Labyrinth Secret Society holoX 🛸🥀🧪🎣🍃
Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.1 Sheaper 🐏💀
Get Wild KanaLuna 💫🍬
[A]ddiction Chrobo 🤖🎣
劣等上等 BRING IT ON AKAKO 🧟‍♀️🎲
ワールズエンド・ダンスホール World's End Dancehall Kanaria 🔥💫🧪
正体1 ID AyaFubuMi 🌽😈🌲
咲かせや咲かせ Sakase ya Sakase PeBoT 👯👾
BANG!!! Usada Kensetsu 👯👾🔮🐔
Suspect1 CHAD 💀💎🎲
アイドルライフスターターパック Idol Life-Starter Pack SMOK 🚑🌲🍙🥐
BLUE CLAPPER(SSP ver.)1 NePoLaBo ☃️🍑🎪
緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 Hiiro Gekka Kyousyou no Zetsu SameMori 💀🔱


1 denotes original songs

2 Hololive Indonesia 3rd Generation's performances were in 2D.


  • Due to the postponement of the Sunshine portion of the event, day 1 was aired concurrently with Vshojo's first concert: Candy Pop Explosion. Additionally, both groups used YouTube as the streaming platform.



[#hololivesummer2023] Main Theme "Seishun Archive" Animated MV

【#hololivesummer2023】『ホロライブ・サマー2023 3DLIVE Splash Party!』ティザーPV



After Sunshine[edit]

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