Hololive Summer

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Hololive Summer
Thumbnail for the Shiny Smily Story music video, featuring the talents in swimsuits
Initial event2019
WebsiteHololive Summer 2022
ProducersHololive, COVER Corporation

Hololive Summer is a special seasonal event by Hololive Production. The initial event featured the introduction of summer-themed swimsuit outfits for the talents.


Hololive Summer is a seasonal event that began in summer of 2019. The initial event featured a music video of Shiny Smily Story, in which the talents made appearances in their swimsuit outfits.[1] However, the event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to various other events happening within Hololive, and concerns around demonetization. The event made its return in a more official and expanded version in 2022. The new event also introduced a narrative story-line, through the publishing of an animated manga.[2] Hololive Summer 2023 was confirmed at the end of HoloFes 4 Our Bright Parade,[3] and began with the announcement of the first Splash Party live concert series, and the release of the new single Seishun Archive.[4]


An animated manga was published in a series of episodes. The manga explores a hypothetical retelling of how Hololive Summer was able to return.

2022 Animated Manga
Stream Summary Air date

[hololive Summer 2022 #1] It's Finally Back? Salacious Summer?! August 06, 2022

【ホロライブ・サマー2022 #2】南の島に氷笑の魔術師、現る!【#輝きのホロサマ】 August 09, 2022

[hololive Summer 2022 #3] Whoa! She's Being Enveloped in Light! August 15, 2021


  • Hololive Summer coincides with a number of debut anniversaries. For the 2022 installment, this meant various special 3D lives feature the talents in their swimsuit outfits.
  • The 2023 installment also made the following subunits official[5]: