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Hololive Alternative (ホロライブ・オルタナティブ), stylized as hololive Alternative, HOLOLIVE ALTERNATIVE, and HOLOLIVE △LTERN△TIVE, is a multimedia project aimed at expanding the Hololive franchise. So far, only a teaser preview has been released, featuring the song, "Dawn Blue" sung by Mori Calliope.[1]

Characters[edit source]

The list of characters appearing in the teaser preview (in order of appearance) are:

Manga[edit source]

A manga tie-in with an "original Alternative story" will be released on hololive Alternative's Twitter account.[2][3]

Media[edit source]

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Video[edit source]

"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (full ver.)

"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (30 sec. ver.)

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