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Hololive Alternative (ホロライブ・オルタナティブ), stylized as hololive Alternative, HOLOLIVE ALTERNATIVE, and HOLOLIVE △LTERN△TIVE, is a multimedia project aimed at expanding the Hololive franchise. The project was announced in February 2021 alongside a 30 second teaser trailer featuring the song Dawn Blue by Mori Calliope.[1] A full-length trailer was released in May 2021.[2]

Another PV video is set to be released in Spring 2022.[3]

Characters[edit source]

The following characters appeared in the teaser (in order of appearance):

Music[edit source]

The full version of Dawn Blue, the background track for the 30 second and full-length project announcement trailers was released in December 2021.

Manga[edit source]

A manga tie-in with an "original Alternative story" was announced on the Hololive Alternative Twitter account in February 2021.[4] Following a dispute with the artist responsible for the manga, Mizuryu Kei, the announcement was deleted from Twitter and a settlement was reached between Cover Corporation and the artist.[4][5] Mizuryu Kei subsequently announced his resignation from the project.[6] Mizuryu Kei also deleted all his Hololive-related fan works and asked followers not to bother Hololive talents about the dispute.[7][8]

On June 4, 2021, Chapter 0 of the manga "Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~" was released on the Hololive Alternative Twitter account.[9][10] On October 31, 2021, Chapter 1 was released.[11] Yamato Phantasia is authored by Kousuke Kurose.[11]

In October 2021, a separate manga, "Underworld Academy Overload" was announced on the Hololive Alternative website.[3]

Video Game[edit source]

In October 2021, a "metaverse" videogame Holoearth was announced as one of the projects within Hololive Alternative.[3][12] A gameplay demo video was released on November 23, 2021.[13] The game is composed of 3 components: a sandbox game, a lobby system, and an avatar creation system.[12]

Websites[edit source]

A lore website, Holonometria, was opened in June 2021.[14] The website contains background information on the Hololive Alternative universe as well as short stories.

Media[edit source]

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Video[edit source]

"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (full ver.)

"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (30 sec. ver.)

Playtesting the Mysterious holoearth.zip! [#MysteryPlaytest]

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