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List of English Hololive-related Discord servers.
To add a Discord server not listed here, contact us via e-mail.

HololiveFanServerIcon.png General Hololive Discord Join

*Invite is active every other week

Hololive 0th Generation

SoraServerIcon.jpg Tokino Sora Join
RobocoServerIcon.png Robocosan Join
MikoServerIcon.png Sakura Miko Join
SuiseiServerIcon.png Hoshimachi Suisei Join
IntSuiseiServerIcon.png Multi-language Suisei (JP,EN,CN) Join

Hololive 1st Generation

FubukiServerIcon2.png Shirakami Fubuki Join
HaatoServerIcon.png Akai Haato Join
MelServerIcon.png Yozora Mel Join
MatsuriServerIcon.png Natsuiro Matsuri Join
AkiServerIcon.png Aki Rosenthal Join

Hololive 2nd Generation

AquaServerIcon.png Minato Aqua Join
ShionServerIcon.png Murasaki Shion Join
AyameServerIcon.png Nakiri Ayame Join
OozoraServerIcon.png Oozora Subaru Join
ChocoServerIcon.png Yuzuki Choco Join

Hololive Gamers

FubukiServerIcon.png Shirakami Fubuki Join
MioServerIcon.png Ookami Mio Join
OkayuServerIcon.png Nekomata Okayu Join
KoroneServerIcon.png Inugami Korone Join

Hololive 3rd Generation

PekoraServerIcon.png Usada Pekora Join
RushiaServerIcon.png Uruha Rushia Join
NoelServerIcon.png Shirogane Noel Join
MarineServerIcon.png Houshou Marine Join
FlareServerIcon.png Shiranui Flare Join

Hololive 4th Generation

KanataServerIcon.png Amane Kanata Join
LunaServerIcon.png Himemori Luna Join
CocoServerIcon.png Kiryu Coco Join
WatameServerIcon.png Tsunomaki Watame Join
TowaServerIcon.png Tokoyami Towa Join

Hololive 5th Generation

LamyServerIcon.png Yukihana Lamy Join
NeneServerIcon.png Momosuzu Nene Join
BotanServerIcon.png Shishiro Botan Join
AloeServerIcon.png Mano Aloe Join
PolkaServerIcon.png Omaru Polka Join

Hololive English 1st Generation

CalliopeServerIcon.png Mori Calliope Join
KiaraServerIcon.png Takanashi Kiara Join
Ina'nisServerIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis Join
GuraServerIcon.png Gawr Gura Join
AmeliaServerIcon.png Watson Amelia Join
HololiveENFanServer.png HololiveEN Fan Server Join

Hololive China

ArtiaServerIcon.png Artia Join
CiviaServerIcon.png Civia Join

Hololive Indonesia

HoloIDServerIcon.png Hololive Indonesia Join
MoonaServerIcon.png Hoshinova Moona Join
RisuServerIcon.png Ayunda Risu Join
IofiServerIcon.png Airani Iofifteen Join


HolostarsServerIcon.png Holostars Join
HoloResistanceServerIcon.png Hololive Resistance Join