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List of English Hololive-related Discord servers.
Fan servers cannot be added directly to talents pages. To add a Discord server not listed here, contact us via e-mail.

Discord - Hololive Fan Server Icon.png General Hololive Discord Join
Discord - Hololive Wiki Server Icon.png Hololive Wiki Discord Join

Note the Wiki Discord is for talking about updating this Wiki, not general chatting about Hololive.

Hololive[edit source]

hololive Generation 0[edit source]

Discord - Tokino Sora Server Icon.png Tokino Sora Join
Discord - Roboco Server Icon.png Roboco Join
Discord - Sakura Miko Server Icon.png Sakura Miko Join
Discord - Hoshimachi Suisei Server Icon 01.png Hoshimachi Suisei
Hoshimati Suisei Hoshiyomis
Discord - Hoshimachi Suisei Server Icon 02.png SuiseiCord (Japanese/English/Chinese) Join
Discord - AZKi Server Icon.png AZKi Join

hololive 1st Generation[edit source]

Discord - Yozora Mel Server Icon.png Yozora Mel Join
Discord - Shirakami Fubuki Server Icon.png Shirakami Fubuki Join
Discord - Natsuiro Matsuri Server Icon.png Natsuiro Matsuri Join
Discord - Aki Rosenthal Server Icon.png Aki Rosenthal Join
Discord - Akai Haato Server Icon.png Akai Haato Join

hololive 2nd Generation[edit source]

Discord - Minato Aqua Server Icon.png Minato Aqua Join
Discord - Murasaki Shion Server Icon.png Murasaki Shion Join
Discord - Nakiri Ayame Server Icon.png Nakiri Ayame Join
Discord - Yuzuki Choco Server Icon.png Yuzuki Choco Join
Discord - Oozora Subaru Server Icon.png Oozora Subaru Join

hololive Gamers[edit source]

Discord - Shirakami Fubuki Server Icon.png Shirakami Fubuki Join
Discord - Ookami Mio Server Icon.png Ookami Mio Join
Discord - Nekomata Okayu Server Icon.png Nekomata Okayu Join
Discord - Inugami Korone Server Icon.png Inugami Korone Join

hololive 3rd Generation[edit source]

Discord - Usada Pekora Server Icon.png Usada Pekora Join
Discord - Shiranui Flare Server Icon.png Shiranui Flare Join
Discord - Shirogane Noel Server Icon.png Shirogane Noel Join
Discord - Houshou Marine Server Icon.png Houshou Marine Join

hololive 4th Generation[edit source]

Discord - 4th Gen Hub Server Icon.png 4th Gen Hub Join
Discord - Amane Kanata Server Icon.png Amane Kanata Join
Discord - Kiryu Coco Server Icon.png Kiryu Coco Join
Discord - Tsunomaki Watame Server Icon.png Tsunomaki Watame Join
Discord - Tokoyami Towa Server Icon.png Tokoyami Towa Join
Discord - Himemori Luna Server Icon.png Himemori Luna Join

hololive 5th Generation[edit source]

Discord - Yukihana Lamy Server Icon.png Yukihana Lamy Join
Discord - Momosuzu Nene Server Icon.png Momosuzu Nene Join
Discord - Omaru Polka Server Icon.png Omaru Polka Join
Discord - Shishiro Botan Server Icon.png Shishiro Botan Join

hololive 6th Generation[edit source]

Discord - La+ Darknesss Server Icon.png.png La+ Darknesss Join
Discord - Takane Lui Server Icon.png Takane Lui Join
Discord - Hakui Koyori Server Icon 01.png Hakui Koyori
Koyori's Research Institute
Discord - Hakui Koyori Server Icon 02.png Hakui Koyori
Hakui Koyori's Laboratory
Discord - Sakamata Chloe Server Icon.png Sakamata Chloe Join
Discord - Kazama Iroha Server Icon.png Kazama Iroha Join

HOLOSTARS[edit source]

Discord - Holostars Server Icon.png Holostars Fan Server Join
Discord - Holostars ES Server Icon.png Holostars ES Join
Discord - Temma Server Icon.png Kishido Temma Join
Discord - Astel Server Icon.png Astel Leda Join

hololive Indonesia[edit source]

hololive Indonesia 1st Generation[edit source]

Discord - Hololive ID Server Icon.png Hololive Indonesia Join
Discord - Ayunda Risu Server Icon.png Ayunda Risu Join
Discord - Moona Hoshinova Server Icon.png Moona Hoshinova Join
Discord - Airani Iofifteen Server Icon.png Airani Iofifteen Join

hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation[edit source]

Discord - Kureiji Ollie Server Icon.png Kureiji Ollie Join
Discord - Anya Melfissa Server Icon.png Anya Melfissa Join
Discord - Pavolia Reine Server Icon.png Pavolia Reine Join

hololive Indonesia 3rd Generation[edit source]

Discord - Vestia Zeta Server Icon.png Vestia Zeta Join
Discord - Kaela Kovalskia Server Icon.png Kaela Kovalskia Join
Discord - Kobo Kanaeru Server Icon.png Kobo Kanaeru Join

Hololive English[edit source]

hololive English -Myth-[edit source]

Discord - Hololive EN Fan Server Icon.png HololiveEN Fan Server Join
Discord - Mori Calliope Server Icon.png Mori Calliope Join
Discord - Takanashi Kiara Server Icon.png Takanashi Kiara Join
Discord - Ninomae Ina'nis Server Icon.png Ninomae Ina'nis Join
Discord - Gawr Gura Server Icon.png Gawr Gura Join
Discord - Watson Amelia Server Icon.png Watson Amelia Join

hololive English Project: HOPE[edit source]

Discord - IRyS Server Icon 01.png IRyS
💎IRyS' Stage💎
Discord - IRyS Server Icon 02.png IRyS
Project: HOPE (IRyS 💎)

hololive English -Council-[edit source]

Discord - Sana's Mission Control.png Sana's Mission Control Join
Discord - Sana's Milky Way.webp Sana's Milky Way Join
Discord - Ceres Fauna Server Icon.png Ceres Fauna Join
Discord - Ouro Kronii Server Icon.png Ouro Kronii Join
Discord - Nanashi Mumei Server Icon 02.png Nanashi Mumei Join
Discord - Hakos Baelz Server Icon.png Hakos Baelz Join

HOLOSTARS[edit source]

HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-[edit source]

Discord - Guild Tempus Server Icon.png Guild Tempus Join

General Servers[edit source]

Discord - Hololive Resistance Server Icon.png Hololive Resort Join
Discord - AsaCoco University Server Icon.png AsaCoco University Join
Discord - Hololive Russian Community Server Icon.png Hololive Russian Community Join
Holoprofans icon.png HoloPro Fans Join
Discord - Hololive Italia Fanclub Server Icon.png Hololive Italia Fanclub Join
Discord - Vtuberkowy PL Server Icon.png Vtuberkowy PL Join
Discord - Hololive FanClub Hispanohablante Server Icon.png Hololive FanClub Hispanohablante Join
Discord - VTuber Fan FR Server Icon.png VTuber Fan FR Join
Discord - KR Hololive Fan Club Sever Icon.png [KR] Hololive Fan Club Join
Discord - Hololive Chinese Hub Server Icon.png Hololive Chinese Hub Join
Discord - Rudesaka Vtuber Hanedanlığı Server Icon.png Rudesaka Vtuber Hanedanlığı Join
Discord - Hololive FR Server Icon.png Hololive FR Join
Holostars ID Fan Server Icon.png Holostars ID Fan Server Join