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There are several ways to nominate an article to be featured in the News section on the Main Page.

The first way is to nominate your article on this page by adding a new topic.

The second way is to discuss your article with editors on Hololive Fan Wiki's Discord server. This is currently the fastest and most recommended approach.

The third way is to submit an edit on Hololive Fan Wiki:News directly. However, this is the least recommended approach because if your edit is rejected, you will not know why.

Hololive ERROR opens calls for fan theories[edit]

Hololive ERROR opens call for fan theories and speculations on the story of the Hololive ERROR game & animated manga. They have requested submissions from fans via a google form link until 14/4. [holoerror 1]

I replied a bit late to this one, but I would have been willing to feature the Hololive ERROR page if it was updated to include this information. --Aesulus (talk) 16:07, 19 April 2022 (JST)Reply