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Upcoming Events
June 1Aki's 5th Anniversary 3D Live "Historic ROUTE 5"
July 3Hololive English 1st Concert "Connect the World" • Tickets
July 7Hololive 5th Generation Live "Twinkle 4 You" • Tickets
July 15Holoearth Protolive #2 "Yamato Phantasia"


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Hololive Production (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション Hororaibu Purodakushon) or simply known as Hololive (Japanese: ホロライブ Hororaibu), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by Cover Corp. As of December 23, 2020 there are now 52 talents under Hololive and its branches (31 Hololive, 9 Holostars, 6 Hololive ID, 5 Hololive EN, and 1 INNK Music).

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