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Holo New Year Cup
Logo - 2022-Holo-New-Year-Cup.png
Logo used for the 2022 Holo New Year Cup
Current season2022
Last season2021
Next season2023 (unconfirmed)
GameMario Kart 8 Deluxe
OrganizerTokoyami Towa (2022)
Inaugural season2019
HostsTokoyami Towa, A-chan
Current ChampionNekomata Okayu
Previous ChampionsHoshimachi Suisei (2021), Minato Aqua (2019).
QualificationVoluntary participation

The Holo New Year Cup or 「ホロお正月CUP」 (formerly 「ホロライブ杯 」[1]) is an open game tournament held by Hololive members. The tournament features a growing roster of talents participating a series of races in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The tournament was first held in 2019, and has been a yearly occurrence since 2021.

Overview[edit source]

The New Year Cup has undergone a few changes from its debut in order to accommodate a growing number of participating talents. In its first edition for 2019, the tournament was held with 21 members, and consisted of 4 preliminary races, 4 final races, and 7 "Extra" races that did not factor into the main tournament. There was no tournament in 2020, as this was a busy year for every member in Holopro with Hololive 1st Festhappening in January, Hololive Indonesia debuting in Spring, Hololive English debuting in September, and Hololive 2nd Fest being held in December. The tournament would return once again in 2021 as the Hololive New Year Cup, which is now its current branding. The 2021 edition of the tournament saw the participation increase from 21 to 25 members. The tournament was now a double-elimination format, with a "winners bracket" and a "losers bracket". The tournament also separated all participants into 3 groups "A", "B", and "C", with a final set of races held for both "loser bracket" and "winners bracket" at the end. Additionally, this new format allowed Tokoyami Towa to serve as a co-host with A-chan to provide commentary throughout, and interview some of the members. The 2022 edition of the tournament saw the least amount of changes to the format, as the grouping system made a return once again, but saw the largest number of participants thus far. A total of 44 members from all the Hololive branches took part in the tournament, with Hololive Indonesia and Hololive English making their debut appearances.

Results[edit source]

Below are a list of results from previous tournaments. Only finishing talents are included.[2]

2019[edit source]

Pos. Name Points
1 Minato Aqua 44
2 Shirakami Fubuki 30
3 Nekomata Okayu 26
4 Usada Pekora 23
5 Oozora Subaru 22
6 Nakiri Ayame 19
7 Roboco & Natsuiro Matsuri 15
9 Inugami Korone 12

2021[edit source]

Below are a list of results from previous tournaments, with only the top 12 competitors listed.[3] There was no 2020 edition of the New Year Cup.

Pos. Name Points
1 Hoshimachi Suisei 43
2 Minato Aqua 42
3 Houshou Marine 35
4 Nekomata Okayu & Himemori Luna 30
6 Shirakami Fubuki 29
7 Usada Pekora 23
8 Oozora Subaru 17
9 Amane Kanata 15
10 Yukihana Lamy 13
11 Tokoyami Towa 12
12 Shirogane Noel 9

Losers cup

Pos. Name Points
1 Roboco 51
2 Natsuiro Matsuri 45
3 Tsunomaki Watame 43
4 Yozora Mel 32
5 Shishiro Botan 28
6 Sakura Miko 26
7 Omaru Polka 23
8 Uruha Rushia & Momosuzu Nene 22
10 Shiranui Flare 21
11 Aki Rosenthal 10
12 Yuzuki Choco 5

2022[edit source]

Below are a list of results from previous tournaments, with only the top 12 competitors listed. [4] This edition included the most participating talents, with 44 participants in total.

Pos. Name Points
1 Nekomata Okayu 69
2 Hoshimachi Suisei 60
3 Houshou Marine 55
4 Gawr Gura 44
5 Sakura Miko 41
6 Tsunomaki Watame 39
7 Tokoyami Towa 39
8 Oozora Subaru 37
9 Pavolia Reine 31
10 Amane Kanata 30
11 Ouro Kronii 24
12 Sakamata Chloe 23

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