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Hololive Alternative (ホロライブ・オルタナティブ), stylized as hololive Alternative, HOLOLIVE ALTERNATIVE, and HOLOLIVE △LTERN△TIVE, is a multimedia project aimed at expanding the Hololive franchise. The project centers around the lives of Hololive characters outside of their livestreams.[1] The project was announced on February 17, 2021 alongside a 30-second teaser trailer (PV) featuring the song Dawn Blue by Mori Calliope.[2] A full-length trailer was released on May 5, 2021.[3]

A second PV video was released on June 11, 2022.[4][5][6][7] The PV featured the song Story Time by Star Flower.

The narrative of Hololive Alternative draws inspiration from the Holoearth Chronicles art book released at Comiket 97.[8][9]


The following characters appeared in the Dawn Blue PVs:

The following additional characters appeared in the Story Time PV:




  • Dec. 28 - Release of Holoearth Chronicles at Comiket 97[8][9]


  • Apr. 1 - Yuukei Yamada, animation director for mobile game Fate/Grand Order, tweets as an April Fool's joke that he will make a PV for Hololive, which is later found by YAGOO.[10][9] Yamada would eventually serve as animation supervisor for the first Hololive Alternative PVs.[3]


  • Jan. 20 - YAGOO makes a post on Note.com announcing that Cover Corp. is recruiting developers and designers for a new metaverse-themed project[11][9]
  • Feb. 17 - A 30-second PV featuring Dawn Blue by Mori Calliope is released[2]
  • May 5 - The full version of the February PV is released[3]
  • Jun. 4 - Chapter 0 of Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~ is released via Twitter[12]
  • Jun. 7 - Holonometria is released[13]
  • Nov. 23 - The first gameplay of Holoearth is revealed[14]
  • Dec. 29 - Dawn Blue is released
  • Dec. 30 - The Blu-Ray release of Dawn Blue occurs at Comiket 99[15][9]


  • Jan. 13 - Shishiro Botan interviews YAGOO about Cover Corp.'s metaverse project[16][9]
  • Mar. 19 - Hololive Alternative appears at Hololive Super Expo 2022[9]
  • Mar. 25 - A Japanese-language test of the lobby system for Holoearth occurs.[9]
  • May 6 - Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~ is released on Square Enix Manga UP![9]
  • Jun. 11 - The second PV for Hololive Alternative, featuring Story Time by Star Flower is released.[7] Additionally, the first concept trailer for Holoearth is released.[9]
  • Dec. 31 - Story Time by Star Flower is released.[17]


  • May 12 - Soreyuke!! Makai Gakkou is released on LINE Manga.[18]


The first PV for Hololive Alternative featured Dawn Blue by Mori Calliope. The full version of Dawn Blue was released in December 2021.[19] A Blu-Ray release was sold at Comiket 99.[15]

The second teaser PV featured the song Story Time by Star Flower. Star Flower is a group comprised of Hoshimachi Suisei, AZKi, Moona Hoshinova, and IRyS.[7] A Blu-Ray edition was released at Comiket 101.[20][21]


See also: List of manga

The first Hololive Alternative manga, a manga tie-in with an "original Alternative story", was announced on the Hololive Alternative Twitter account in February 2021.[22] The announcement was deleted following a dispute with the artist responsible for the manga, Mizuryu Kei. A settlement was then reached between Cover Corporation and the artist.[22][23] Mizuryu Kei subsequently announced his resignation from the project.[24] Mizuryu Kei also deleted all his Hololive-related fan works and asked followers not to bother Hololive talents about the dispute.[25][26]

Following the retraction of the announcement for the first manga, a subsequent manga, "Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~" was released on the Hololive Alternative Twitter account.[12] In October 2021, a separate manga, "Underworld Academy Overload" was announced on the Hololive Alternative website.[4]

Although the mangas were originally published via Twitter, in February 2022, it was announced that due to the number of pages in the mangas exceeding what can be published on Twitter at once, future mangas would be published via Holonometria. A manga reader was slated to be added by the end of February 2022.[5] On May 6, 2022, it was announced that "Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~" would be published on the Square Enix app Manga UP! alongside the manga viewer on Holonometria.[27][28]

Yamato Phantasia[edit]

On June 4, 2021, Chapter 0 of the manga "Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~" was released on the Hololive Alternative Twitter account. The manga features Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and Nakiri Ayame.[12][29] On October 31, 2021, Chapter 1 was released.[30] Yamato Phantasia is authored by Kousuke Kurose.[30]

Underworld Academy Overload!![edit]

In May 2023, "Soreyuke!! Makai Gakkou" was released on LINE Manga.[18] Soreyuke!! Makai Gakkou is authored by Moroyan.[31] The manga was released in English as "Underworld Academy Overload!!" on June 2, 2023.[32]

Video Game[edit]

Main article: Holoearth

Holoearth is a upcoming metaverse video game developed by Cover and is planned to release in 2024.[33] It was announced to be one of the projects under Hololive Alternative in October 2021.[4][34]


A lore website, Holonometria, was opened in June 2021.[13] The website contains background information on the Hololive Alternative universe as well as short stories. A manga reader was announced with an intended release at the end of February 2022.[5] On May 6, 2022, the release of the manga reader at midnight the following day was announced, however problems with the English and Indonesian localizations ultimately prevented its release.[27] The manga reader was eventually released on November 25, 2022 with five chapters of Yamato Phantasia.[35]



Characters and Art[edit]

Logos and Branding[edit]


"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (full ver.)

"hololive Alternative" Teaser PV (30 sec. ver.)

[hololive Alternative] 2nd Teaser

ホロアース コンセプトムービー 第1弾

【特報】ヤマトファンタジア開演 【#ホロアース】

Playtesting the Mysterious holoearth.zip! [#MysteryPlaytest]


【重大発表アリ】異世界の最新情報をお届け!HoloearthTV #2【#ホロアースTV】


異世界の最新情報をお届け!HoloearthTV #3【#ホロアースTV】


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