Dawn Blue

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Dawn Blue
Album Cover Art - Dawn Blue.jpg
Song Information
English NameDawn Blue
Release DateDecember 29, 2021
Sung byMori Calliope
LyricsMori Calliope, Bonjour Suzuki
ComposerKouichiro Takahashi
ArrangementHideyuki Daichi Suzuki
Digital ReleaseLink

Dawn Blue is an original song performed by Mori Calliope. It was unveiled on February 17, 2021 as the track to the initial 30 second teaser for the Hololive Alternative mixed media project.[1] A longer version was used in the full trailer on May 21, 2021.[2] The full song was released to music streaming platforms on December 29, 2021.[3] A Blu-Ray edition with an art booklet was released at Comiket 99.[4][5]

Track listing[edit source]

No. Song Duration
1 Dawn Blue 4:10
2 Dawn Blue - Instrumental 4:10

Milestones[edit source]

2021[edit source]

  • Feb. 17 Hololive Alternative 30 sec. teaser PV release date.
  • May. 21 Hololive Alternative full teaser PV release date.
  • Dec. 29 Dawn Blue streaming platform release date.

Lyrics[edit source]

Media[edit source]

Videos[edit source]

[hololive Alternative] Teaser PV (30 sec. ver.)

[hololive Alternative] Teaser PV (full ver.)

Trivia[edit source]

  • Calli remarked that some viewers of the 30 second Hololive Alternative teaser were surprised to learn that she was the one singing the background track.[6]
    • Kiara was one of the viewers who was surprised by this.[7]
  • Dawn Blue was originally written with more English parts but successive revisions replaced those parts with Japanese. A Japanese songwriter was brought on to rewrite Calli's Japanese lyrics for flow.[8]

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