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Album Cover Art - Hololive Music Studio - Sunshine.jpg
Song Information
Release DateAugust 07, 2021
ArrangementTakayuki Yoshimura
MixingTakayuki Yoshimura
GuitarKazutoshi Umeda
Digital ReleaseLink

hololive music studio - Sunshine is the first compilation album of hololive IDOL PROJECT. The album was officially released on August 7, 2021. The album is entirely instrumental, and features a bossa nova and jazz inspired sound.

- Sunshine -[edit source]

Tracklist[edit source]

No. Song Duration
1 Say!ファンファーレ!(Sunshine ver.) 6:46
2 Smile & Go!!(Sunshine ver.) 6:59
3 Candy-Go-Round(Sunshine ver.) 7:09
4 Plasmagic Seasons!(Sunshine ver.) 7:01
5 キラメキライダー☆(Sunshine ver.) 7:03
6 でいり~だいあり~!(Sunshine ver.) 6:40
7 ぺこらんだむぶれいん!(Sunshine ver.) 6:37
8 ヒロインオーディション(Sunshine ver.) 6:32
9 Lunch with me(Sunshine ver.) 6:35
10 夢見る空へ(Sunshine ver.) 6:25

History[edit source]

2021[edit source]

  • Aug. 07 Album and visualizer video featuring Yuujin - A are released.

Media[edit source]

Videos[edit source]

hololive music studio - bossa nova & jazz mix

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