Holo*27 Originals Vol.1

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Holo*27 Originals Vol.1

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Studio Album by Holo*27
RelasedMarch 15, 2023
LyricsDECO*27 • DELTA
Recorded2022 - 2023
FeaturingMurasaki Shion, La+ Darknesss, Gawr Gura, Hakos Baelz, Amane Kanata, Sakamata Chloe, Nakiri Ayame, Sakura Miko, Usada Pekora, Kazama Iroha, Yukihana Lamy, Takane Lui, Nekomata Okayu, Hoshimachi Suisei.
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Holo*27 Originals Vol.1 is the first collaboration album by Japanese Musician and Producer DECO*27 & Multinational Virtual Idol Group Hololive Production under the group name Holo*27. It was released on March 15, 2023, by VIA & TOY'S FACTORY. The album features 10 original songs produced by Deco*27 which are set to be performed as part of a special stage during HoloFes 4: Our Bright Parade. The album's lead single "Lip-Sync" was released on December 20, 2022.[1] The album's second single "Moshrace" was released on January 27, 2023.[2] "Sweet Appetite" was released as the album's third single on February 17, 2023.[3]

Track Listing[edit source]

All tracks are written & produced by DECO*27, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 "Lip-Sync" (performed by Murasaki Shion & La+ Darkness) 2:52
2 "Sweet Appetite" (performed by Gawr Gura & Hakos Baelz) DECO*27 • DELTA 2:46
3 "Leech" (performed by Amane Kanata) 3:06
4 "P.E.T." (performed by Sakamata Chloe) 3:05
5 "BiBiBi" (performed by Nakiri Ayame) 2:52
6 "Moshrace" (performed by Sakura Miko & Usada Pekora) 3:14
7 "Dream Shower" (performed by Kazama Iroha) 3:13
8 "Baby Don't Stop" (performed by Yukihana Lamy & Takane Lui) 2:58
9 "End Role" (performed by Nekomata Okayu) 2:49
10 "Planetarium" (performed by Hoshimachi Suisei) 3:51

Additional Personnel[edit source]

Technical Personnel

  • Rockwell - Arrangements (track 1, 4, 5, 7, 9)
  • TAKU INOUE - Arrangements (track 2)
  • tepe - Arrangements (track 3)
  • sooogood! - Arrangements (track 6)
  • Naoki Itai - Arrangements (track 8)
  • kous - Arrangements (track 10)

Milestones[edit source]

2023[edit source]

  • Mar. 15 Album release date.[4]

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