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Hololive music studio is a pseudonym used by Hololive Production. The Name is used by hololive for releases of remix and compilation albums. The compilation albums follow a naming scheme themed after a time of the day, such as Daybreak or Twilight. The remix series, Hololive meets, follows a naming scheme featuring the name of the producer in charge of the remixes.


The Hololive music studio name was first used for the release of the "hololive music studio - lo-fi & chill mix"[1] visualizer, featuring Yūjin A. However, the release of the Sunshine compilation was the first time the Hololive music studio name was used was first used for streaming services. The compilation album features entirely instrumental soundtracks of previously released Hololive songs. Since then, Hololive music studio has served as the artist name for other remix projects and compilation albums, such as Hololive_meets_DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING_remix as well as following compilation albums. The compilation album series have all shared the same producer, with Takayuki Yoshimura in charge of mixing and arrangement. The Hololive meets remix series has had its arrangement and mixing passed on to the collaborating producer, leading each release feature the name of the producer in the title. On March 1, 2023, it was announced that the Twitter account dedicated to music announcements would cease operations. All music announcements will continue to be posted in the main Hololive Twitter account as of March 3, 2023.[2]



hololive music studio - lo-fi & chill mix

hololive music studio - bossa nova & jazz mix

hololive music studio - jazz mix

hololive music studio - ambient & orgel mix [#hololivemusicstudio]

hololive music studio - lo-fi & chill mix II [#hololivemusicstudio]


  • Every project under the Hololive music studio name has featured a visualizer video with Yūjin A.


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