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Song Information
Release DateNovember 27, 2021
ArrangementTakayuki Yoshimura
MixingTakayuki Yoshimura
DrumsJun Mochizuki
Digital ReleaseLink

hololive music studio - Twilight - is the second compilation album of hololive IDOL PROJECT. The album was officially released on November 27, 2021. The album is entirely instrumental, and features a Jazz inspired sound.

- Twilight -[edit]


No. Song Duration
1 Caesura of Despair (Twilight ver.) 6:56
2 Bluerose (Twilight ver.) 6:44
3 特者生存ワンダラダー!! (Twilight ver.) 6:48
4 BLUE CLAPPER (Twilight ver.) 6:54
5 今宵はHalloween Night! (Twilight ver.) 6:46
6 mayday,mayday (Twilight ver.) 7:18
7 Lioness' Pride (Twilight ver.) 7:18
8 VIOLET (Twilight ver.) 7:01
9 あすいろClearSky (Twilight ver.) 7:52
10 STARDUST SONG (Twilight ver.) 6:31



  • Nov. 27 Album and Animation video featuring Yuujin - A are released.



hololive music studio - jazz mix

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