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holo indie
TypePublishing Brand
FoundedNovember 15, 2023
TwitterTwitter Twitter
Store Pageshttps://store.steampowered.com/publisher/holo_Indie (Steam)
Full NameCreator Community Company
TypeKabushiki gaisha Subsidiary
  • Game Publisher
  • IP Licensing
FoundedOctober 10, 2023
HeadquartersCover Corp Office, Minato, Tokyo
Key PeopleTaro Kamochi (CEO)
Websitehttps://ccmc-corp.com/en (Official Site)
https://ccmc-corp.itch.io/ (Itch.io Store)

holo Indie is a game brand created by COVER Corp. for Hololive fan games.[1] The program was created after Cover noticed the massive success of HoloCure and Idol Showdown in 2023.[2][3]

The brand was created as part of the formation of Cover's Corp. new subsidiary CCMC Corp (Creator Community Company) responsible for facilitating video game licensing deals using Hololive Production IP to both other corporation as well as fans as part of Cover's focus on encouraging User Generated Content.

On June 7th, 2024, ReGLOSS member Ichijou Ririka was appointed the official Support Ambassador for holo Indie[4]


CCMC was established to help facilitate officially recognized fan created games using Hololive Production IP.[5] According to Cover, CCMC and holo indie in particular operate with these goals in mind.

  • Foster an ecosystem where video game creators can see a return on their efforts, providing support every step of the way.
  • Create opportunities to bring a wide variety of hololive video game adaptations to as many fans as possible.
  • Grow and expand alongside hololive production through ambitious endeavors with fans and creators.

Aside from handling fan games, CCMC was also given the rights to facilitate the production and publishing of licensed video game by commercial developer and received the rights to existing licensed game which includes the two horror titles Evil God Korone and Truth of Beauty Witch developed and published by Vaka Game Magazine as well as Minato Aqua's self-produced Visual Novel Aquarium by developer Entergram.


Holo Indie[edit]

Name Developer Release Date Genre Price Description
HoloParade Roboqlo 2023-12-01 Tug of War RTS Price: ¥490
(Regional Prices)
The first game to be published under holo Indie and the first fan game to be monetized under the new Fan Works Guideline.
Idol Showdown Besto Games Team 2023-05-05 2D Anime Fighter Free The game was originally self-published by Besto Game and was the first Hololive fan game released for Steam Store.[6] Later announced to be under holo Indie at the end of HoloExpo 2024.
Holo X Break KayAnimate and HoloCure team 2023-03-29 Side scrolling Beat 'em up Free The second game by the HoloCure team inspired by Little Fighter 2. Announced at the end of HoloExpo 2024.
WOWOWOW KORONE BOX tian nya 2021-08-24 (Itch.io)
2024-04-12 (Steam)
Top-down shooter Free Inspired by Vlambeer's "Super Crate Box" and "Nuclear Throne", the game was initially release on Itch.io. Was later re-released on Steam under holo Indie.
Miko in Maguma frog blend 2024-04-26 Tricky Verticle Platformer Free
Miko Sniper さめGames 2024-06-07 Arcade Base Defense Price: ¥490
(Regional Prices)
DUEHOLO Take 2024-06-28 Deck-building roguelike card RPG Price: ¥490
(Regional Prices)
Age of Advent MooCow Games 2023-12-01 Variety Multi-genre Free Originally released by MooCow Games. Later announced to be under holo Indie.

Licensed Game[edit]

Name Developer Release Date Genre Description
Aquarium Entergram 2022-10-27 Romance Visual Novel Minato Aqua's self-produce Visual Novel. Is currently listed as being under CCMC.[7]
Evil God Korone Vaka Game Magazine 2021-11-08 Side Scrolling Horror Self-published by Vaka Game Magazine prior to CCMC founding. Is currently listed as being under CCMC.[7]
Truth of Beauty Witch 2023-08-11
Doppelgänger HOLOSTARS EN Teams 2023-11-14 Horror Visual Novel Developed by the Holostars EN management team and is published directly by Cover Corp. Is hosted by CCMC on their Itch.io page.