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Watson Industries is a pseudonym used by Amelia Watson and artists whom Ame has commissioned. Due to the frequency and scale of Amelia's projects, Watson Industries was created to provide an umbrella term that encompasses all of the people who work with Amelia, including Henma.


Watson Industries began as a running joke in Amelia's Minecraft streams. In the early days of the EN Minecraft server, Amelia built a number of large scale projects in the server, such as the experience farm PPP (Previously Pekora's Property), the Holo Railway (later renamed "AmeTrak" as a parody of Amtrak), and various towering figures on the server.[1][2][3] Watson Industries was officially introduced in the opening scene of the ChikuTaku Music Video, but the logo had made appearances in other projects, such as Amelia's birthday concert, and HoloTalk.[4][5] While the name is used at during the videos, the descriptions of live streams still include all the names of the artists involved.

VR Projects[edit]

VR initiatives by Ame began shortly after she surpassed her donation goals during her 9-hour fundraising stream [6]. Her first VR stream featured a fan-made model of Smol Ame, which became quite popular.[7] Amelia then commissioned set of VR models for HoloMyth to use during their first anniversary live stream. While the first fan-made model was made by Hask, the first set of VR models, and a VR Chat world were made by SeafoamBoy, with support from VR Chat themselves. The next project added newcomers Twi, G1fan, Zania, and Khyle. to the roster of artists working in VR projects for Ame. Specifically, the Halloween VR Stream that also included VR models for HoloCouncil & IRyS.[8] The next project was the introduction of the Ametaverse, a parody of the Metaverse. The Ametaverse is essentially a VR World made by various members of Watson Industries, and newcomer nullrefrepro. The Ametaverse has successfully been used for virtual concerts and events.[9] Mori Calliope held a concert in the AmeVerse, with newcomer AcChosen in charge of the concert's lighting.[10] Soon after, a dance stream was hosted by Takanashi Kiara in the AmeVerse.[11] This project welcomed Kathy (Prii) and Kanauru.

Video Games[edit]

A ChikuTaku was announced to be in the works after the release of Amelia's original song ChikuTaku.[12] Its release date was originally set for the same day as the song, however it was delayed to January 24 to fix minor bugs. The game was programmed by Charlotte, with art and modelling by Ronin, SeafoamBoy, OLIVIOUS, and Spiritsnare. BGM and SFX was made by ChikuTaku's composer, WUNDER RiKU.




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