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Hololive Production English is a Virtual YouTuber agency established by COVER corp.. Initially known for Hololive English, it merged with Holostars English, their male-only VTuber group to form Hololive Production in August 2022.


Hololive English -Myth-[edit]

Hololive English Project: HOPE[edit]

Hololive English -Council-[edit]

Holostars English -Tempus-[edit]

Hololive English -Advent-[edit]

Former Members[edit]

Member Generation Graduation Date
Tsukumo Sana -Council- July 31, 2022


  • On June 1, 2023, it was announced that the Hololive Production English twitter account would be phased out in favour of the main Hololive English account. [1]


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