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HoloTalk with Takanashi Kiara is a live talk show hosted by Takanashi Kiara. The show usually airs on weekends. The purpose of the show is to interview and live translate (mainly) Japanese Hololive talents to bring as much knowledge about them to their overseas viewers as possible. There are currently 29 episodes aired.


The show airs on Saturdays or Sundays at Kiara's channel. The show's intro was made by Watson Amelia and its opening and show music was made by Minari. The logo for the show was made by Spiritsnare△.

Episode List[edit]

HoloTalk with Takanashi Kiara Episode List
No. Thumbnail Title Airdate
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 1st guest: HOUSHOU MARINE #marinarasauce​ #マリナラソース November 21, 2020
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 2nd guest: SHIRAKAMI FUBUKI #fubukiara​ #フブキアラ December 5, 2020
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 3rd guest: Murasaki Shion #TakanaShion​ #タカナシオン December 27, 2020
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 4th guest: Oozora Subaru #holobirds​ #ホロ鳥 January 16, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 5th guest: Sakura Miko #EliTori​ #エリー鳥 January 30, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 6th guest: Yozora Mel #Kiaramel​ #キアラメル March 14, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 7th guest: Aki Rosenthal #HIPstars​ #ローゼントリ April 4, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK​】With our 8th guest: Hoshimachi Suisei #cometori​ #コメットリ April 18, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK】With our 9th guest: Roboco san #ROBOTORI #ロボトリ May 16, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK】With our 10th guest: A--chan! #ホロトーク May 29, 2021
YouTube 【#HOLOTALK】With our 11th guest: Kiryu Coco! #ORANGEWOMEN #オレンジコアラ June 19, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 12th guest: NATSUIRO MATSURI! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク July 10, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 13th guest: AZKi! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク July 31, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 14th guest: HAACHAMA! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク August 21, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 15th guest: Tokino Sora! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク September 18, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 16th guest: Yuzuki Choco! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク October 2, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 17th guest: Minato Aqua! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク October 23, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 18th guest: NEKOMATA OKAYU! (1 Year Anniversary Episode) #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク November 27, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 19th guest: OOKAMI MIO! #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク December 11, 2021
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 20th guest: YAGOO #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク January 23, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 21st guest: SHIRANUI FLARE #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク February 19, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 22nd guest: SHIROGANE NOEL #HOLOTALK #ホロトーク March 5, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 23rd guest: NAKIRI AYAME (Happy Season 2!) #kfp #キアライブ October 9, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 24th guest: USADA PEKORA peko! #kfp #キアライブ November 18, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】ANNIVERSARY in 3D STUDIO with ANNOUNCEMENT! #kfp #キアライブ November 20, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 26th guest: AMANE KANATA #kfp #キアライブ December 23, 2022
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 27th guest: INUGAMI KORONE! #kfp #キアライブ April 23, 2023
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 28th guest: TOKOYAMI TOWA #kfp #キアライブ May 20, 2023
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 29th guest: hololive English -Advent- #kfp #キアライブ August 13, 2023
YouTube 【HOLOTALK】With our 30th guest: TSUNOMAKI WATAME #kfp #キアライブ May 11, 2024


Speed Questions[edit]

Beginning in the 3rd episode, in this segment, Kiara asks her guests a series of Speed Questions or Speed Quizzes. The questions are asked in a fast pace, and are same across all her guests, often with 1-2 specific questions in relation to her guest for that episode.

The question "glass is half full OR half empty?" was replaced with "Favorite Holiday?" on the 4th episode, as the former question did not translate well in Japanese. The question "Coke OR Pepsi?" was replaced with "apple or orange juice?" on the 8th episode, as all guests at that point answered "Coke", with Pepsi being unpopular in Japan.

Speed Questions Answers List
Q: Answers
Hot OR cold weather? Hot weather Cold weather
Rice OR noodles? Rice Noodles
Gusto OR Saizeriya? Gusto Either Saizeriya
Twitter OR Instagram? Twitter Instagram
Coke OR Pepsi Coke Pepsi
Apple or orange juice? Apple Juice Orange Juice
Climb a mountain OR run a marathon? Climb a mountain Run a marathon None
PC OR Console? PC Either Console
Pineapples on Pizza yes OR no Yes No
Spicy OR sweet food? Spicy food Sweet food
Tea OR coffee? Tea Coffee None
Vacation at beach paradise OR at famous metropolitan city? Vacation at beach paradise Vacation at famous metropolitan city
Sleep naked OR with clothes? Sleep naked Sleep with clothes Sleep with panties only
Favorite Holiday? Answers
: Christmas; : Everyday holiday; : Halloween; : Children's Day; : Working; : New Year
7-eleven, FamilyMart OR Lawson? 7-eleven FamilyMart Lawson
Texting OR talking on the phone? Texting Talking on the phone
Giving OR receiving presents? Giving presents Receiving presents Both
Walk 1 station OR take the train Walk 1 station Take the train Taxi
What's your blood type? Answers
: O, : A
What's the colour of your panties? Answers
: Pink; : Secret[1][2]; : White;
: No panties; : Mint green;
: Black; : Orange; : Leave it up to your imagination;
: Red & Black; : Snoopy : Black & Pink
One-off questions
Okayu, Aqua or Korone senpai? Murasaki Shion's Answer
Everyone, with Okayu more
Glass is half full OR half empty? Murasaki Shion's Answer
Half empty
Favourite Avengers hero? Oozora Subaru's Answer
Favourite eroge? Sakura Miko's Answer
Clover Day's and Heart's
Favourite Sword Art Online Character? Minato Aqua's Answer



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  1. Subaru tricks Kiara into answering her own question with "Black with flowers".
  2. Miko reveals to Kiara on her episode that the color of Subaru's panties is "Black".

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