UnAlive (album)

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UnAlive (album)
Studio Album by Mori Calliope
RelasedMarch 21, 2022
  • Elliot Hsu
  • DECO*27
  • Camellia
  • The Herb Shop
  • seibin
  • Pretty Patterns
LyricsMori Calliope • DECO*27 • Ci • Fra • Neko Hacker
Mixingなつめ千秋 なつめ千秋
Cover art零
Recorded2021 - 2022
LabelCover Corporation
Digital releaseLink

UnAlive is the debut studio album by American Virtual YouTuber Mori Calliope. It was released on March 21, 2022, by Cover Corporation. The album was produced by Elliot Hsu, DECO*27, Camellia, The Herb Shop, seibin & Pretty Patterns. The album features guest appearances from Gawr Gura, & BOOGEY VOXX. The album was supported by two singles: "Q" & "Graveyard Shift (feat. BOOGEY VOXX)"


Mori announced the album on March 18, 2022, saying “I’ve released two EPs for you guys. One was to celebrate my debut. One was to celebrate my very first birthday. So it only makes sense that I would release an EP for my 3D reveal, right? Except it’s not an EP. It’s bigger.”

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Mori Calliope, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Duration
1 "UnAlive" Elliot Hsu 5:16
2 "Q (feat. Gawr Gura)" Mori Calliope • DECO*27 DECO*27 2:37
3 "Dead On Arrival" Camellia 4:03
4 "Graveyard Shift (feat. BOOGEY VOXX)" Mori • Ci • Fra The Herb Shop 4:15
5 "Lose-Lose Days" seibin 4:05
6 "HUGE W" Camellia 4:09
7 "Resting Power" Pretty Patterns 3:00
8 "Scuffed Up Age" Camellia 5:03
9 "Ouroboros" Hsu 4:14
10 "UnAlive (日本語バージョン)" Mori • Neko Hacker 5:16
11 "UnAlive (Instrumental)" 5:16

Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Rockwell - Arrangement (track 2)



  • Mar. 21 Album release date[1]




【1st Full Album】“UnAlive” Calliope Mori Releasing 3.21.2022

【3D MV】「UnAlive」- Calliope Mori (Original Song)


  • UnAlive is the first full-length album by Mori Calliope


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