Off With Their Heads

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Off With Their Heads
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Song Information
Japanese Name首を刎ねる
English NameOff With Their Heads
Release DateFebruary 2, 2021
Sung byMori Calliope
LyricsMori Calliope
MixingAO (AO / AO)
Video EditingMori Calliope
Digital ReleaseLink

Off With Their Heads (首を刎ねる) is an original song and the second Single of Mori Calliope. The music video for the song was first premiered on her YouTube channel at February 1, 2021. It was then officially released as a single the following day.

Audio[edit source]

No. Song Duration
1 Off With Their Heads 3:38

Milestones[edit source]

2021[edit source]

  • Feb. 01 Music video release date.
  • Feb. 02 Single release date.

Lyrics[edit source]

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Dead Beats, Swinging Now
Grab the scythe and show them how!!

Welcome to the mountaintop
Waiting 'till the fight calls...
I hope you're ready to be swingin' 'till the night falls.
Are you a slave? An entertainer 'till the fun dies?
​I hope you're ready to be swingin' 'till the sunrise!





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Off With Their Heads

[ORIGINAL SONG] Off With Their Heads - Calliope Mori

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