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Lobby of Cover's Minato Office

Cover Corp Office is the Headquarter of Cover Corperation and their VTuber Agency Hololive Production. Six known locations was used as the headquarter for Cover Corp since its founding with the current office located in Tokyo Mita Garden Tower in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan.


Office Name Location Date Note
Shibuya Office Shibuya-ku, Tokyo prior-April 2016 - Unknown Shared office rented by Tanigo and Fukuda prior to the official establishment of Cover Corp.
Shinkawa Office Shinkawa, Chūō-ku, Tokyo June 2018[1] - July 2019(?) First independent Office, setting for Holo no Graffiti.
Uchikanda Office* Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo July 2019[1] - June 2020(?) No information is available about these locations.
Kanda-Tacho Office* Kanda-Tacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo June 2020[1] - March 2021(?)
Sotokanda Office* Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo March 2021[1] - June 2023(?) Was the longest use location, serving as their headquarter prior to their IPO.
Minato Office Tokyo Mita Garden Tower, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo June 2023[2] - Present Current office, was moved to after their IPO.
* Name are derived from naming format from the Tanigox channel and are not reflective of the internal name use by Cover Corp for their offices
(?) One of these locations housed Cover's Mocap studio which continued to see use until the completion of the new studio in mid-2023.

Shibuya Office[edit]

The earliest location was a shared office located somewhere in Shibuya, Tokyo.[3] This office predates the founding of Cover Corp itself, with the earliest footage of it by Cover's Co-founder and CEO Motoaki Tanigo was uploaded in April 2016 (Cover Corp was officially established in June of 2016). It is not known when Cover moved out of this office.

All information regarding this space came from a series of low-resolution test footages uploaded by Tanigo on his personal channel.[4][3][5] Their office space appeares to be an open plan rectangular room with Tanigo and Cover's CTO Ikko Fukuda sitting at an area with six desks in a 3x2 config near the windows. In all three footages, Tanigo can be seen on the middle desk that faced the window while Fukuda can be seen on his left in the April footage and on his right in the June footages. It's unknown if the seating arrangement was part of their contract or simply based on convenience. Another set of desks can be seen in the other half of room.

Shinkawa Office[edit]

The Shinkawa Office is their first independent office. Located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Cover officially moved their headquarter to this location in June 2018. This office was the basis for The Office in Holo no Graffiti.[6][7]

Chiyoda-ku Offices[edit]

Starting with their office in Shinkawa, Cover would continuously move their HQ annually for the period from 2019 to 2021. All three of these offices are within different areas of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo with the last one serving as their longest running office.

Uchikanda and Kanda-Tacho Office[edit]

Not much is known about these locations.

Sotokanda Office[edit]

Sotokanda was their last office before their IPO and is still their longest running location. Their HQ moved here from March 2021 and remained there until the opening of the current Minato Office. A Tokino Sora standee decorated the lobby of this office.[8]

Minato Office[edit]

Cover current office where they moved their HQ to after their IPO. The new office maintain a number of the same amenities as the Sotakanda Office.

The lobby features the three life-size figures of Gawr Gura, Usada Pekora and Hoshimachi Suisei. A counterpart to the Studio's Signature Wall also exist with Kureiji Ollie being the first talent to put her signature on it.


Mo-Cap Studio[edit]

Due to their start as a VR experience company, Cover since its conception has a space for Motion Capture work within their offices. At their start, their "studio" likely consisted of area to setup their HTC Vive's Base Station with motion capture data being fed from two Vive controllers. Later on, a dedicated room with better hardware would be created within one or all of the Shibuya-ku Offices. It is unknown if each offices have its own motion capture room, but the last iteration of this room was still in use even after the move to the Minato Office until the new studio was operational.

Streaming Space[edit]

Spaces to use for regular streaming is available at the office to be use for programs on the main channels of Hololive and Holostars, secondary space for the talents in case they were unabled to stream from home or simply for convenience (such before or after a scheduled meeting or for meetup, etc...).

Overseas Location[edit]

California Office[edit]

Cover USA Office, located in California, USA, is Cover's first known fully owned overseas office. It was announced to be under construction on March 12th, 2024 and opened in July of the same year.[9][10]

China Office[edit]

An office space existed for Hololive China due to its nature as a local joint venture between Cover Corp and bilibili. With the exception of a 3D Studio, this office likely had all the same amenities as its counterpart in Japan. After the dissolution of Hololive China, Cover Corp. would have divested any involvement with that location.



First footage of the office which predates Cover Corp.

2nd footage of the office

3rd footage of the office

Footage of the office by Yagoo.

Close-up of the three life-size figures by Kobo Kanaeru (March 2024)

Footage from an interview by the NHK from 2018,office unknown.

Walkthrough of the one of the Chiyoda-ku offices from a Japanese TV Show

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