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The lobby of Cover Studio

Cover Corp Studio or simply the Studio is the multimedia motion-capture and recording studio owned by COVER Corporation. At the time of its opening, Cover Studio is one of the largest of its kind in Japan.


Prior to new studio completion, Cover has a much smaller motion capture studio within one of their older offices. The studio was a single white room with sound proofing material glued to the wall. Recording equipment including the control station takes up a large portion of the room living a limited space for the performers.[1] Separate from the that studio but still within the same building was a changing room that also doubles as the rest area for the talents which contain a mattress of unknown type which can be slept on.[2]


The studio began construction in late 2021 costed 800 million yen in construction and another 1.9 billion for equipment for a total of 2.7 billion yen. The studio is a multifunction facility which can handles motion-capture, chroma key compositing, voice recording and more. Due to security reason, the studio location is a secret aside from the fact that it is somewhere within the Greater Tokyo Area.

Motion Capture Studio[edit]

The motion capture studio is one of the major components of the new studio. At the size of 10 tennis courts, it is the largest known facility of its kind in Japan. The studio is divided into four sub-studios with the largest being Studio A. The studios uses VICON VK-26 Valkyrie motion capture camera with Studio A in particular having over 100 cameras of the over 200 cameras installed.[3] Each studio has its own separate control room equiped with Panasonic's KAIROS digital switcher system. Also attached to each studio is a large waiting room equipped with multiple large tables, fridge, screen and sorted trash bins.

Other Studios[edit]

Aside from the motion capture studio, the facility also contain a large green screen studio for chroma key works and a industry standard sound recording studio. Space for regular streaming is likely also available.

Signature Wall[edit]

Featured as one of the facility's attractions is the signature wall featuring the signature of all the Hololive and Holostars members who visited the facility as well as any notable guests.

Other facility[edit]

The facility of features at least one large changing room and meeting room.



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