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Studio Album by Tokoyami Towa
RelasedSeptember 27, 2023
ProducerShohei Koga • Yourness • Q-MHz • Yuyoyuppe • botchiboromaru • MIKU NAKAMURA (Cö Shu Nie) • buzzG • Camellia • keeno • TakoyakiKZY • t+pazolite • niki • Mitsuki Tokuda • Keita Miyoshi
LabelCover Corporation
Digital releaseDigital Release

Aster is the debut studio album by Japanese Virtual YouTuber Tokoyami Towa. It was released on September 27, 2022, by Cover Corporation. It features 12 tracks with a combination of previously released singles and brand-new original songs. The album features the production work of many renowned vocaloid producers, such as Camellia and niki, the latter of whom previously produced Towa's original songs Palette and FACT. The album was made available for physical CD pre-order via the Hololive Production official shop.

Track Listing[edit]

No. Song Writer Composer Arranger (s) Duration
1 "Present Day" Shohei Koga Shohei Koga Yourness Yourness 3:49
2 "Sakigake" Q-MHz Q-MHz 3:29
3 "ANEMONE" Yuyoyuppe Yuyoyuppe 3:17
4 "Lazy wonder" botchiboromaru botchiboromaru 3:13
5 "Whose thorns?" MIKU NAKAMURA (Cö Shu Nie) MIKU NAKAMURA (Cö Shu Nie) 3:21
6 "raimei" buzzG buzzG 3:14
7 "Purple Disease" Camellia Camellia 3:29
8 "Sanvitalia" keeno keeno 5:03
9 "Antares" TakoyakiKZY TakoyakiKZY 3:59
10 "Cry Out" t+pazolite t+pazolite 3:25
11 "Twilight" niki niki 2:59
12 "Nininsankyaku (feat. Nekota Tsuna)" Mitsuki Tokuda Mitsuki Tokuda Mitsuki Tokuda, Keita Miyoshi Keita Miyoshi 4:32

Chorus backing vocals for Antares: Astel Leda, Hakos Baelz, Moona Hoshinova, Ratna Petit, Shibuya Hal, Tachibana Hinano, Banzoin Hakka, Hoshimachi Suisei, and Cpt.



  • July 23 Album announced alongside the announcement of Towa's first solo live, Break your ×××.[1]
  • Sep. 27 Album release date



Album Teaser Movie

Album Preview


ライメイ (Raimei)

サンビタリア (Sanvitalia)





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