HoloWorm Tournament

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HoloWorm Tournament
Logo used for the 2022 HoloWorm Tournament
Current Season2022
Next Season2023 (unconfirmed)
GameWorms W.M.D.
OrganizerAmelia Watson
HostsMagni Dezmond, Noir Vesper, Mori Calliope, Amelia Watson
Current ChampionMori Calliope, Hakos Baelz, Amelia Watson
QualificationVoluntary participation

The HoloWorm Tournament, also referred to as HWL (HoloWorms League) by Noir Vesper, is a gaming tournament organized by Amelia Watson. The tournament was the first to include members of Holostars English -Tempus-.


The HoloWorm cup held its inaugural season between September to early October 2022. The tournament format followed a single elimination format including qualifying matches, semi-finals matches, and finals.[1] [2][3] The tournament was the first time Holostars English talents were part of a major gaming tournament.

Holo Worm League logo used by the commentators


Below are a list of results from previous tournaments.


The following table includes the participating talents for 2022.

Pos. Name Notes
1 Mori Calliope

Hakos Baelz
& Amelia Watson
Axel Syrios

Finalists were allowed to add an eliminated player to their team.
3 Moona Hoshinova

Ouro Kronii

Finalists were allowed to add an eliminated player to their team.
Semi Final Axel Syrios Picked as part of Amelia's team for the final.
Semi Final Ouro Kronii Picked as part of Moona's team for the final.
Semi Final Hakos Baelz Picked as part of Calliope's team for the final.
DNQ Vestia Zeta
DNQ Magni Dezmond
DNQ Noir Vesper
DNQ Regis Altare
DNQ Pavolia Reine