Dance Past Midnight

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Dance Past Midnight
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Song Information
English NameDance Past Midnight
Release DateDecember 16, 2022
Sung byMori Calliope, AmaLee
LyricsMori Calliope, Amanda Lee
ComposerNicklas Eklund, Jordyn Kane Shankle
ArrangementNicklas Eklund
Digital ReleaseLink(Sinderella)

"Dance Past Midnight" is a song by American Virtual YouTuber Mori Calliope featuring American singer, voice actress & YouTuber AmaLee under the Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) name Monarch, released from her second studio album Sinderella (2022). The song is accompanied by a music video that was animated by Kay Yu, and released on January 5th, 2023. The song is listed as the eighth track in Sinderella.

Background[edit source]

Track Listing[edit source]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length:
1. "Taste of Death" Mori Calliope • Kira Kira 2:56
2. "Wanted, Wasted" Calliope • Takuya Yamanaka • Yuki Tsujimura Takuya Yamanaka • Yuki Tsujimura 3:03
3. "I'm Greedy" Calliope • JP THE WAVY JP THE WAVY 2:59
4. "Internet Brain Rot" Calliope • Nicklas Eklund • Molly Rosenstrom Nasman Nicklas Eklund • Molly Rosenstrom Nasman 3:23
5. "NEZUMI Scheme" Calliope • TOPHAMHAT-KYO FAKE TYPE. 2:49
6. "Soul food" Calliope Kenichi Sakamuro • Ida Pihlgren 2:56
7. "CRINGECORE" Calliope Albin Nordqvist • Louise Frick Sveen 3:13
8. "Dance Past Midnight (feat. AmaLee)" Calliope • Amanda Lee Eklund • Jordyn Kane Shankle 3:48
9. "Death Sentence" Calliope umru • DJH 2:34
10. "Glass slipper" Calliope Patterns 4:07

Media[edit source]

Music Video[edit source]

[MV] Dance Past Midnight - Mori Calliope feat. AmaLee

Trivia[edit source]

  • The MV for the song has a 3:4 aspect ratio, reminiscent of CRT TVs.
  • The art-style for the MV mimics the esthetics of anime from the 1980s/early 1990s.

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