See the world

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See the world
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Song Information
Production酒井拓也, 河合泰志
Video EditingLUMINA
Digital ReleaseLink

"See the world" is an original song by IRyS.

Track listing[edit source]

No. Title Length
1 See the world 3:37
2 See the world (Instrumental) 3:37

Milestones[edit source]

2022[edit source]

  • Feb. 27 - Digital Release

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Videos[edit source]

【MV】See the world / IRyS【Original Song】

Trivia[edit source]

  • See the world was originally recorded in October 2021, before the recordings for Journey.[1]
  • The strings in See the world were recorded with real instruments.[1][2]
  • Many tracks and harmonies were recorded for See the world[1]
    • IRyS recorded the same parts "at least three or four times"
    • The bridge was comprised of "at least like...10 tracks"
  • According to IRyS, See the world resembles an anime opening theme.[1]
  • IRyS considered asking to lower the key of the song since it was very difficult for her to sing the high notes. In the end she was proud of being able to sing those notes.[1]
  • The backing vocals in the chorus (the "back chorus" and "back back chorus") represent a conversation between the angel and demon sides of IRyS.[1]
  • IRyS would lean on and play with the mixer during recording sessions at the studio.[1]

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