Quarter Bravery

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Quarter Bravery
Extended Play by IRyS
LyricsSpirit Garden, 藤田 淳平(Elements Garden)
Digital releaseDigital Release

Quarter Bravery is the third extended play by IRyS. It was released in both digital and physical versions, including CD, Cassette, and Vinyl[1] on July 11, 2022, by Cover Corporation. The EP's release coincided with IRyS's 1st debut anniversary. The extended play was produced by 藤田淳平, Ryota Tomaru & Pretty Patterns.

Track Listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Spirit Garden.

No. Song Producer(s) Duration
1 "Delight" 藤田淳平 3:32
2 "BERSERKER" Ryota Tomaru 3:18
3 "Ai no Jikkai" 藤田 3:55
4 "ENJOY! JOY!! JOYFUL!!!" 近藤世真 4:06



  • Jul. 11 Album release date




  • Producers from Elements Garden were interviewed by Real Sound about their experience working with IRyS on the Quarter Bravery EP. [3][4]


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