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A Sucorn, Miofa, 35p and Zain walks into a bar.

He orders a glass of water, and the bartender's specialty.

After a brief conversation, he pays for his drink and leaves.

That's it. That's the story. There is no punchline.

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Self-appointed editor of Omaru Polka's wiki page.

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  • Add/Fix more Trivia:
    • Relationship with Luca Polka?
    • Add links to the most mysterious instruments (i.e. the buddhist bell or the pachi pachi callpy)???
    • Move the POL Glossary to its own separate section?
    • Should we add info about her 'unusual' impromptu Karaoke style (i.e. shifting voice types, Blue Clapper-only, kazoo), or her monthly Concerts?
  • Recommended videos section?