Point of View

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Point of View
Studio Album by Takanashi Kiara
CompositionKIRA, Asteroid Production Team
ArrangementKIRA, Asteroid Production Team
LyricsAsteroid Music Team, Johnny, monii
MixingKIRA, Asteroid Production Team
RecordingWatson Industries (Motion Capture), Kanauru
Digital releaseDigital Release

Point of View is Takanashi Kiara's first studio album, featuring a total of 10 tracks with a combination of previously released singles and brand-new original songs. The album features the production work of K-pop producer group Asteroid Production Team, and KIRA. The Album was made available for physical CD pre-order via the Hololive Production official shop.

Track Listing[edit]

No. Song Producer(s) Duration
1 "Pineapple" Johnny, KIRA, Monii 3:19
2 "Love Rush" Johnny, Monii, 五条下位 4:28
3 "The Great Wanderer" Martin Turabian, Monii 3:42
4 "Retrospective" Johnny, Monii, 五条下位 4:12
5 "Sleep Talking" Johnny, KIRA, Monii, WD 3:34
6 "HINOTORI" 五条下位, 真野綾 3:55
7 "Heart Challenger" 五条下位, 真野綾 4:47
8 "SPARKS" KIRA 3:30
9 "Fever Night" Astrophysics, PiNKII 3:50
10 "DO U" Johnny, KIRA, Monii 3:20



  • Aug. 31 Album release date



Pineapple - Takanashi Kiara (Official Music Video)

The Great Wanderer - Takanashi Kiara (Official Music Video)



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