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Extended Play by AZKi
RelasedNovember 15, 2022
ProducerAZKi • Daijiro Nakagawa • YOMA
LyricsAZKi • Daijiro Nakagawa • Luca
LabelCover Corporation
Digital releaseShop

Pages is the debut extended play by Japanese Virtual YouTuber & Singer AZKi. It was released on November 15, 2022, by Cover Corporation, making it her debut extended play release on the label. All 4 tracks on the standard edition were issued as singles prior to the album's release; in order, they are "afterglow", "petrichor", "canopus", and "equal".


AZKi debuted her fourth 3D main model during her fourth anniversary live, on November 15, 2022. AZKi has long hair with a short ponytail on the back, like her previous model the inner portion of her hair is pink but she also now has a pink lock on her forehead as well as a white one to the right while she uses a hairpin to the left. AZKi wears a long white dress with short sleeves, decorated with a handkerchief, the skirt has a diagonal cut being shorter on the front. AZKi also wears what seems to be the half of a light brown coat put in place with a small belt. However, when she is not using the coat, the dress has a black and white stripped bow tied around her waist instead. She uses black boots with a zipper decorated with pink triangles.[1][2]

Track Listing[edit]

All songs were written by AZKi, and produced by Daijiro Nakagawa. Tracks 2 - 4 were co-written by Daijiro Nakagawa, except "Creating world (Acoustic ver.)" was written by Luca and produced by YOMA.

No. Title Length
1. "afterglow" 4:30
2. "petrichor" 2:57
3. "canopus" 3:18
4. "equal" 2:58
5. "Creating world (Acoustic ver.)"

Additional Personnel[edit]


  • AZKi - vocals, Composition (track 1-4)

Technical Personnel

  • Daijiro Nakagawa - producer (track 1-4), Composition (track 1-4), Arrangement (track 1-4)
  • YOMA - production (track 5)



  • Nov. 15 extended play release date.[3]





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