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Key Visual

Magical Girl holoWitches (魔法少女ホロウィッチ!, Mahou Shoujo holowiitchi!) is the magical girl theme multi-media project by Hololive. The project, which includes short animations, a serialized manga and themed livestream, revolves around the adventure of Amane Kanata, Sakura Miko, Himemori Luna, Houshou Marine, Murasaki Shion and Sakamata Chloe.




  • Amane Kanata as Amane Kanata
  • Sakura Miko as Sakura Miko
  • Himemori Luna as Himemori Luna
  • Houshou Marine as Houshou Marine
  • Murasaki Shion as Murasaki Shion
  • Sakamata Chloe as Sakamata Chloe


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