Happy Meowthday!!

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Happy Meowthday!!
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Song Information
English NameHappy Meowthday!!
Sung byTokino Sora
LyricsTokino Sora, 瀬名 航 瀬名 航
Composer瀬名 航
Arrangement瀬名 航
Digital ReleaseLink

Happy Meowthday is an original song and a Single by Tokino Sora. The teaser video was released on March 21, 2022. It was first released as a physical CD on May 15, 2022 and the digital version is then released on May 18, 2022.

Digital Release[edit source]

No. Song Duration
1 "Happy Meowthday!!" 2:59
2 "Sora o Koete" 3:25
3 "Happy Meowthday!!" (instrumental) 2:59
4 "Sora o Koete" (instrumental) 3:25

Milestones[edit source]

2022[edit source]

  • Mar. 21 Teaser released.[1]
  • May. 15 Physical CD released.[2]
  • May. 18 Digital version released.[3]

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