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Feking83/Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!
Video Game Info
Japanese Nameバンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!
English NameBanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Release DateAndroid, iOS
  • JP: March 16, 2017
  • TW/HK/MO: October 19, 2017
  • KR: February 6, 2018
  • WW: April 4, 2018
  • CN: May 30, 2019

Nintendo Switch

  • JP: September 16, 2021
DevelopersCraft Egg (2017–2024)[1]
Bushiroad (2024–present)
PublishersJP/WW: Bushiroad
TW/HK/MO: Mobimon Inc.
CN: bilibili
KR: Kakao Games
ComposersElements Garden
Nintendo Switch
GenresRhythm game, Visual Novel
WebsiteOfficial Website (JP)
Official English Website

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! (バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!, Bandori! Gārusu Bando Pāti!), also known as Garupa or Bandori, is a mobile rhythm game developed by Craft Egg and published by Bushiroad for the Android and iOS platforms. Part of Bushiroad's BanG Dream! music franchise, it was released in Japan in March 2017, and worldwide in April 2018. The game was also released by Mobimon Inc. in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan in October 2017, by Kakao Games in Korea in February 2018, and by bilibili in mainland China in May 2019.

The game made several collaboration with Hololive over the years which includes sponsored streams and especially in game events where Hololive members are features as cards and costumes alongside Hololive songs being made available to play within the game.


Hololive Related Songs List[edit]

Bang Dreams! Girl Band Party!
Song name Group Collab Member(s) Original Artist Category Note Server
A - Currently available; T - To be released; ? - Status Unknown; N - Not available
As part of the first Garupa x Hololive Collab
Tracing A Dream Poppin'Party Tokino Sora Ayase Collab Songs Part of the 1st Hololive x Bang Dream Collab A A A A ?
Bon Appétit♡S Hello, Happy World! Shirakami Fubuki Blend A A A A A ?
Fansa Pastel*Palettes Minato Aqua Honeyworks A A A A ?
As part of the 2nd Garupa x Hololive English Collab (English Server Only)
See the world None IRyS IRyS Limited-time Collab Song Available from 2023, April 15 to May 5 N N N A N
As part of the Hololive Summer's Garupa Hololive Cup (See below)
Seishoujo Ryouiki Roselia Roboco-san, Tokoyami Towa, and Sakamata Chloe ALI Project Collab Songs Reward for "Garupa Hololive Cup" A A T T ?
As part of the 2nd Garupa x Hololive Collab
Aien-Jihen None La+ Darknesss La+ Darknesss Limited-time Collab Song Available from 2023, December 23 to 2024, February 12 A ? ? ? ?
Stellar Stellar RAISE A SUILEN Hoshimachi Suisei Hoshimachi Suisei Collab Songs First part of the 2nd Hololive x Bang Dream Collab A T T T ?
Gitai Gokko Roselia Sakamata Chloe Sakamata Chloe A T T T ?
Ahoy!! Warera Houshou kaizoku-dan☆ Afterglow Houshou Marine Houshou Marine Second part of the 2nd Hololive x Bang Dream Collab A T T T ?
Lioness Pride MyGO!!!!! Shishiro Botan Shishiro Botan A T T T ?
Fleur Morfonica Yukihana Lamy Yukihana Lamy A T T T ?


1st Collab[edit]

The first collab event between Hololive and Bandori take place from October 22nd to November 16th 2021, consisting of both sponsored streams as well as an in-game event.[2]


As part of the collab, Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki and Minato Aqua are selected to participate in a competition call the "Garupa hololove Cup" where they would compete to get the highest score on the three collab songs in-game. Each girls have two streams where they played the even songs which culminate in a final stream on the Bandori Official Channel where the three alongside the game's seiyuu would discuss the result.

As part of the collab, unique Bandori x Hololive merches was also released

In-game Event[edit]

As part of the collab three cover songs was released in-game for all players which can be individually bought from the in-game songs shop.

  • Sora, Fubuki, Aqua event
  • Duet Cover Songs

(Galpaholo Live Cup Special Live Broadcast [Bandori! Girl Band Party!] * Re-uploaded version November 8, 2021 )

Hololive Summer's Garupa Hololive Cup[edit]

Source1: [3]

2nd Collab[edit]


Hololive x Girls Band Party Collab Part 1[edit]

Gacha Banner for Hololive & Girls Band Party! Part 1 Gacha

Souce: #1

【マンガ】hololiveERROR ストーリー動画【Manga-style Video】
No. Thumbnail Title Airdate
YouTube Chapter 1: Welcome to Aogami High! February 18, 2022
YouTube Chapter 2: The Rumor About Transfer Students February 26, 2022
YouTube Chapter 3: The Fall of Aogami High March 05, 2022
YouTube Chapter 4: Let's Go Home, Transfer Student March 24, 2022
YouTube Chapter 5: Misora Shino's Curse March 26, 2022
YouTube Chapter 6: The Role Model March 30, 2022
YouTube Chapter 7: It All Began with the Test of Courage April 01, 2022
YouTube Chapter 8: The Journey Back April 08, 2022
YouTube Chapter 9: The Ghost of Aogami Station April 15, 2022
YouTube Chapter 10: ERROR in Normalcy April 22, 2022
YouTube Chapter 11: Ghost Train April 29, 2022
YouTube Chapter 12: It Wasn't Me May 06, 2022
YouTube Chapter 13: Traces of Yuka May 13, 2022
YouTube Chapter 14: Forgotten Memories May 20, 2022
YouTube Chapter 15: Why? May 28, 2022
YouTube Chapter 16: Who I Really Am June 04, 2022
YouTube Chapter 17: Shattered Fantasies June 11, 2022
YouTube Chapter 18: Memories of the Woods June 18, 2022
YouTube Chapter 19: Terrible Knowledge June 25, 2022
YouTube Chapter 20: A Happy World July 2, 2022
YouTube Chapter 21: Days of Regret July 7, 2022
YouTube Chapter 22: Sakura's Lament July 9, 2022
YouTube Chapter 23: Misora Shino's Prayer July 14, 2022
YouTube Final Chapter: Welcome to Aogami High School July 16, 2022
Server Start Time End Time
Japan 2023-12-06 2024-01-08
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau 2024-07-01 2024-07-24

LOREM IPSUM SLJDJKSKbfakjsndklnsak3dnajkndlkanslkdan

Hololive x Girls Band Party Collab Part 2[edit]

Gacha Banner for Hololive & Girls Band Party! Part 2 Gacha

Souce: #2

Server Start Time End Time
Japan 2023-12-23 2024-01-22

LOREM IPSUM SLJDJKSKbfakjsndklnsak3dnajkndlkanslkdan

Hololive x Girls Band Party Collab Part 3[edit]

Gacha Banner for Hololive & Girls Band Party! Part 3 Gacha


Server Start Time End Time
Japan 2024-01-13 2024-02-12

LOREM IPSUM SLJDJKSKbfakjsndklnsak3dnajkndlkanslkdan

International Version Collabs[edit]

Gura Collab[edit]


  • Item
  • Sponsored Stream
  • Gura


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Shark energy !!

April 8, 2021

IRyS Collab[edit]

Source: [1]

  • Item
  • Sponsored Stream
  • IRyS
  • See the world 【BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!】See The Bang Dream World with IRyS!! April 29, 2023


Hololive Cards Illustration[edit]