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TTRPG: GUN is a Tabletop Role-playing Game campaign played by the members of Hololive Production English, using the GUN Role-playing Game rules. Mori Calliope is the Gamemaster for the game. The game was played as a One-shot on May 19, 2023.

Game Data
SystemStorytelling System
Game MasterMori Calliope
PlayersOuro Kronii as Kris Scarface Reynolds
Magni Dezmond as Saint Clappington
Noir Vesper as Cookie Callabahn
Original runMay 18, 2023 - May 19, 2023

Premise  Edit

According to the game's creator, ABBADON, GUN is set in a dying wild west. The world's story and setting is meant to challenge the players with the unforgiving conditions, debts, and life and death.[1]

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Player Characters Edit

  • Kris Scarface Reynolds, the kid with the golden arm, played by Ouro Kronii
  • Saint Clappington, the pure black-eyed killer saint, played by Magni Dezmond
  • Cookie Callabahn, the big honourable chef of the west, played by Noir Vesper

Sessions Edit

Character creation session
No. Thumbnail Title Airdate
  【TTRPG: GUN】Cowboy Character Creation Episode May 18, 2023
No. Thumbnail Title Airdate
  【TTRPG: GUN】The Dunces of the Dying West (ONE-SHOT SESSION) May 19, 2023

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