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Stars*collection! (スターズこれくしょん!, stylized as stars*collection!), shortened as StarColle (スタこれ), is a weekly animated comedy short on the official Holostars YouTube channel every Friday. It is the Holostars' equivalent to Holo no Graffiti.

A trailer was uploaded on January 26, 2022[1] and the first episode, titled "Popularity for Dummies" was uploaded on January 28, 2022. There are currently 53 episodes aired.

Episode List[edit source]

Episode List
No. Thumbnail Title Appearing Characters Airdate
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 1.jpg
YouTube この人がモテる方法3選
Popularity for Dummies
Roberu1, Oga1, Aruran1 January 28, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 2.jpg
YouTube これが漢の1分クッキング
Cooking for Dummies
Shien1, Izuru1, Aruran February 4, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 3.jpg
YouTube 本当に怒られました
Bullying for Dummies
Aruran, Astel1, Izuru, Rikka1 February 11, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 4.jpg
YouTube 大人がビビってるところ見て
Courage for Dummies
Temma1, Astel February 18, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 5.jpg
YouTube 全部間違えちゃった人
Selfies for Dummies
Izuru, Aruran, Astel, Rikka February 25, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 6.jpg
YouTube 口内炎の作り方
Dental Health for Dummies
Oga, Shien, Temma, Miyabi1 March 4, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 7.jpg
YouTube ギター大喜利
Guitar Lessons for Dummies
Temma, Aruran, Astel, Rikka March 11, 2022
Thumbnail - stars collection! Episode 8.jpg
YouTube 開始6秒でオチ
Punchlines for Dummies
Miyabi, Oga, Roberu March 18, 2022
9 YouTube てぇてぇを教えてやんよ!
Wholesomeness for Dummies
Miyabi, Shien, Temma, Oga, Astel, Aruran, Izuru, Rikka, Roberu March 25, 2022
10 YouTube お前の冷蔵庫おかしいよ!
Refrigerators for Dummies
Roberu, Oga, Izuru April 1, 2022
11 YouTube 闇に煌めくモノクロの饗宴
Budgeting for Rookies
Rikka, Miyabi, Roberu, Shien, Izuru, Aruran, Oga, Astel April 8, 2022
12 YouTube 彼はもうおしまい
Neckgear for Rookies
Rikka, Miyabi, Shien April 15, 2022
13 YouTube でも花粉症じゃない!
Hay Fever for Rookies
Shien, Oga April 22, 2022
14 YouTube 馬券で体調不良をどうにかしようとする男
Colds for Rookies
Miyabi, Rikka, Roberu, Shien, Aruran, Izuru April 29, 2022
15 YouTube いいよなお前らは生まれつきなんの努力もしないで手に入って!俺はなぁ!もうなぁ!止まってんだよ!身長!
Height for Rookies
Astel, Roberu, Oga, Shien, Aruran May 6, 2022
16 YouTube 絶対にそうじゃないギターバトル
Guitar Battles for Rookies
Astel, Izuru, Rikka, Aruran, Temma May 13, 2022
17 YouTube 騎士やめてマラカス始めました
Excalibur for Rookies
Roberu, Temma, Shien May 20, 2022
18 YouTube これで生涯を終えるんだ……
Snails for Rookies
Miyabi, Temma, Oga, Shien May 27, 2022
19 YouTube 最近はキーボードでさえ防水なのに
Glitching Out for Rookies
Rikka, Shien, Miyabi June 3, 2022
20 YouTube バーじゃなくてバーバーなんだ
Tall Tales for Rookies
Oga, Temma, Izuru, Roberu June 10, 2022
21 YouTube 握手会完全攻略ガイド
Shaking Hands for Novices
Miyabi, Aruran, Temma June 17, 2022
22 YouTube 共用スペースに引きこもる人
Shut-Ins for Novices
Miyabi, Temma, Shien June 24, 2022
23 YouTube 勝ったら改名
Arm Wrestling for Novices
Rikka, Astel, Oga, Izuru July 1, 2022
24 YouTube 宇宙人にも悩みはあったりする
Alien Problems for Novices
Temma, Astel, Roberu, Izuru, Miyabi, Aruran July 8, 2022
25 YouTube 人間関係において大事なことは「威圧感」
Interpersonal Skills for Novices
Oga, Miyabi, Temma, Izuru, Roberu July 15, 2022
26 YouTube 起こさないようにそーっと!
Sleepy Time for Novices
Izuru, Rikka, Miyabi, Aruran, Roberu, Astel, Oga, Shien, Temma July 22, 2022
27 YouTube ツッコミ我慢大会
Straight Man for Novices
Roberu, Oga, Astel, Temma, Rikka July 29, 2022
28 YouTube とうとう我慢できなくなりました。
Tattooing for Novices
Astel, Aruran, Temma, Roberu, Oga, Izuru August 5, 2022
29 YouTube 節電対策でブレーカー爆破してきた
Saving Electricity for Novices
Miyabi, Rikka, Shien, Izuru, Aruran, Oga, Astel, Roberu, Temma August 12, 2022
30 YouTube 今夜は星の巡り合わせが悪いようだ
Love and War for Novices
Shien, Oga, Aruran, Roberu, Izuru August 19, 2022
31 YouTube 夏っぽいこと全部やった!
Summer for Beginners
Temma, Aruran, Oga, Rikka, Roberu, Miyabi, Izuru, Astel, Shien August 26, 2022
32 YouTube 雑草食べてたらめちゃくちゃ飯奢ってくれた
Hunger for Beginners
Izuru, Rikka, Shien, Aruran, Temma September 2, 2022
33 YouTube 〇〇〇踊ってみた
Dance Lessons for Beginners
Miyabi, Izuru, Temma, Astel September 9, 2022
34 YouTube クイズ!スターズこれくしょん
Recap Quiz for Beginners
Clips from. Ep. 2, 15, 21, 25, 31
September 16, 2022
35 YouTube うさぎ助けてみた
Bunny Rescue for Beginners
Rikka, Izuru, Shien, Oga (as Chakamaru) September 23, 2022
36 YouTube 開催!!お料理教室
Recipes for Beginners
Aruran, Shien, Rikka, Izuru, Miyabi, Astel, Oga, Temma, Roberu September 30, 2022
37 YouTube 心当たりが多すぎる
Interrogation for Beginners
Shien, Oga, Temma October 7, 2022
38 YouTube 俺たち、入れ替わってる〜!?
Bodyswapping for Beginners
Izuru, Oga, Shien October 14, 2022
39 YouTube アルランディスよ、永遠に
Farewell, Arurandeisu
Aruran, Izuru, Rikka, Miyabi October 21, 2022
40 YouTube 個性を伸ばしてみよう!
Character Development for Beginners
Rikka, Roberu, Miyabi, Astel October 28, 2022
41 YouTube 見たら成仏します
Entering Nirvana for Freshmen
Rio1, Shien, Miyabi, Astel November 5, 2022
42 YouTube サイキョーを目指して
Being Awesomest for Freshmen
Gamma1, Temma, Miyabi, Oga November 12, 2022
43 YouTube イケてる予告状の作り方3選
Calling Cards for Freshmen
Uyu1, Rikka, Temma, Shien November 19, 2022
44 YouTube なんでも屋の仕事、ほぼ掃除
Cleaning for Freshmen
Fuma1, Izuru, Roberu, Oga, Astel, Miyabi November 25, 2022
45 YouTube アルランディス誘拐事件
Tardiness for Freshmen
Aruran2, Izuru, Rikka, Miyabi December 2, 2022
46 YouTube パリピの陽キャといえば!?
Noise Complaints for Freshmen
Temma, Izuru, Oga, Gamma, Shien, Astel, Roberu, Miyabi, Rikka December 9, 2022
47 YouTube 積み木食べ食べ選手権
Building Blocks for Freshmen
Shien, Miyabi, Rikka, Aruran December 16, 2022
48 YouTube ぼっちクリスマス
Christmas for Freshmen
Roberu, Miyabi, Rikka, Astel, Oga, Aruran, Fuma December 23, 2022
49 YouTube ミッション!全員集合で元旦を迎えろ!
Mission! Getting Everyone Together for New Year's! ...for Freshmen
UPROAR!!, Shien, Aruran, Miyabi, Temma, Roberu, Oga, Astel, Izuru, Rikka, Tempus Headquarters1 January 2, 2023
50 YouTube この後この人フデになります
Human Calligraphy for Freshmen
UPROAR!!, Astel, Miyabi, Aruran, Oga January 6, 2023
51 YouTube 変なお客さん来ちゃった
Odd Customer Requests for Newbies
UPROAR!! January 13, 2023
52 YouTube 筋肉量と声量が比例するラジオ
Muscle Radio for Newbies
Aruran, Oga, Miyabi January 20, 2023
1 YouTube 今度こそ本当にモテる方法
Popularity for Newbies (Legit)
Roberu, Oga, Aruran, UPROAR!! January 27, 2023

1 denotes first/debut appearance.
2 denotes updated model appearance.

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