Ocean Wave・Party☆Live

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The song "おーしゃんうぇーぶ・Party☆らぃ" by UMISEA appears to be a lively and energetic anthem with a strong emphasis on the ocean. The lyrics express a sense of excitement and celebration of being together with someone in the vast ocean. The phrase "おーしゃんうぇーぶ" is a play on words, combining "ocean wave" and "party." The song encourages listeners to dive into the sparkling waves and embrace the beginning of a new journey.

The lyrics also mention the concept of a "Sea Connection Number" and the desire to keep hearts shaking. There are references to "Jump!" and a request to "fuzz over the beat," indicating a desire for enthusiasm and high energy. The song asks if everyone is ready to "rock you" and encourages the crowd to join in the "Party☆らぃ" (party vibe).

Throughout the song, there are playful references to marine life like sharks and dolphins, which add to the oceanic theme. The mention of an "air band" and the realization that no one is actually playing the instruments highlights the fun and lighthearted atmosphere of the song.

Overall, "おーしゃんうぇーぶ・Party☆らぃ" seems to celebrate the joy of being together, experiencing the excitement of the ocean, and creating unforgettable memories through music and energetic performances.

*おーしゃんうぇーぶ・Party☆らぃ · Minato Aqua · Houshou Marine · Sakamata Chloe · Ninomae Ina'nis · Gawr Gura · Yuko Miyakoshi · Natsuki Sakamoto · Satoshi Hanamura

Listen to the song:https://youtu.be/lFgiX9M7QG4