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Contributors role[edit]

Hi Ren129,

I'd like to personally thank you for your numerous (and high-quality, to boot) contributions to Hololive Fan Wiki over the past month. In recognition of your efforts, I and the staff and Hololive Fan Wiki would like to promote you to the Contributors role. This role will allow your edits to take effect immediately, bypassing the moderation queue. This implies some degree of trust, which you have demonstrably earned. If you would like this role, just reply to this message or reach out to us on Discord. -- Aesulus (talk) 14:23, 26 December 2022 (JST)Reply[reply]

What are you talking about, this is amazing! I'm in! Ren129 (talk) 08:57, 27 December 2022 (JST)Reply[reply]
Done! Happy editing! Feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions. -- Aesulus (talk) 14:43, 27 December 2022 (JST)Reply[reply]