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The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of available database administrator tools. Please see individual product articles for further information. This article is neither all-inclusive nor necessarily up to date.

Systems listed on a light purple background are no longer in active development.


Product Creator Latest stable release date Latest stable release License Runs on Windows Runs on Mac OS X Runs on Linux Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL MS SQL Server ODBC JDBC SQLite Other Programming language
Template:Rh |Toad Data Modeler Quest Software 2009-03-05 3.3.8 Proprietary Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes DB2, MS Access, Sybase Embarcadero Delphi
Template:Rh |TOra Community 2017-07-04 3.2 GPL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Teradata C++/Qt



  • Create/alter table:
    • Yes - can create table, alter its definition and data, and add new rows
    • Some - can only create/alter table definition, not data
  • Browse table:
    • Yes - can browse table definition and data
    • Some - can only browse table definition
  • Multi-server support:
    • Yes - can manage from the same window/session multiple servers
    • Some - can manage from a different window/session multiple servers
  • Monitoring server:
    • Yes - includes a headless server, that runs checks and reports failures
Tools User Interface Create & Alter wizard Browse Auto Completion Syntax colored Multi server support Monitoring server
Database Table Procedure Trigger Database Table Procedure Trigger
Adminer Browser-based Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Template:Dunno Template:Dunno
Toad Data Modeler desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes Template:Some Template:Some Template:Some Template:Some No Yes Template:Dunno Template:Dunno
TOra desktop No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Template:Dunno

Features (continued)[edit]


  • User manager:
    • Yes - user manager with support for database and schema permissions as well as for individual object (table, view, functions) permissions
    • Some - simple user manager with support for database and schema permissions
    • No - no user manager, or read-only user manager
user manager Plugin Compare Import Export Debugger Source control Spatial Visualization
Adminer Yes Yes Yes SQL script, CSV, TSV or the above in zip (as a plugin); imports of server-site file in SQL or SQL in zip, gzip or bzip2 SQL script, CSV, TSV or the above in zip, gzip, bzip2; XML (as a plugin) No Git
Toad Data Modeler No Template:Dunno Yes Toad for Oracle ERD, ERWin 7.1(XML) via plugin SQL; meta data in XML; report in HTML/RTF/CSV; diagram as BMP, JPEG, PNG No Template:Dunno
TOra Template:Some No Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Features - visual design and reverse engineering[edit]


  • Visual schema/E-R design: the ability to draw entity-relationship diagrams for the database. If missing, the following two features will also be missing
  • Reverse engineering - the ability to produce an ER diagram from a database, complete with foreign key relationships
    • Yes - supports incremental reverse engineering, preserving user modifications to the diagram and importing only changes from the database
    • Some - can only reverse engineer the entire database at once and drops any user modifications to the diagram (can't "refresh" the diagram to match the database)
  • Forward engineering - the ability to update the database schema with changes made to its entities and relationships via the ER diagram visual designer
    • Yes - can update user-selected entities
    • Some - can only update the entire database at once
Visual query builder Visual schema/model/E-R diagram design Reverse engineering Forward engineering ER diagram groupboxes
Adminer Yes Yes Yes No No
Altova DatabaseSpy Yes Yes Yes Yes Template:Dunno

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