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HFW's Main Page running Vector 2022 with both gadgets
HFW's Main Page running Vector 2010

When our wiki host, Miraheze, announced the rollout of MediaWiki 1.38, one of the things included was Vector 2022, a major visual upgrade our wiki's decade-old default skin, Vector. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that Vector 2022, as-is, features a narrower viewport for page content, breaking the formatting of many of our wiki's pages, including the Main Page. Thus, we decided to not adopt the new skin.

Since then, however, two new gadgets have been introduced that:

  1. Widen Vector 2022's narrow viewport
  2. Style the article toolbar to more in-line with Vector 2022's visual style

These two gadgets are called Vector 2022 Widener and MediaWiki 1.39 Article Toolbar respectively. With these two new gadgets, we are revisiting the question of whether to adopt Vector 2022 (plus gadgets) as the default skin for all users of the wiki.

The wiki staff has been testing Vector 2022 with these two gadgets for weeks now, and so far, we've found no issues. If you'd like to try Vector 2022 with these gadgets for yourself, you can do so under your User Preferences. (First enable the Vector 2022 skin under the Appearance tab. Then, you can enable either gadget under the Gadgets tab.)

For those who prefer the Vector 2010 skin, you can continue to use it as long as it's still supported. Just select the skin under your User Preferences.

As for mobile, this upgrade does not affect the mobile version of our wiki since it uses a different skin, Minerva Neue.

What do you think about making Vector 2022 our wiki's default skin? Let us know in the discussion page.

Discussion page