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[[File:Merch Art - {{{Title}}}.png|center|500px]]
First Released Date {{{First Released Date}}}
Availability {{{Availability}}}


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{{Merch box
| Name                =
| Merch Art           =
| Merch Art 2         = (optional)
| Merch Art 3         = (optional)
| Merch Art Size      = (optional)
| First Released Date = 
| Scheduled Date      = (optional)
| Availability        =
| Content             =
| Link Tweet          = 
| Link Article        = (optional) 
| Link Store          = (optional)
| Link Booth          = (optional)
| Link Geekjack       = (optional)
| Headerstyle         = (optional)

Required parameters[edit]

  • Name = the name used for the merch
  • Merch Art = the filename of the image to display. Just the filename only. Do not surround the filename with [[File:...]].
  • First Released Date = the date / period when the merch is/was available
  • Availability = the availability of the merch, online / in store only. Mention the store name if in store only.
  • Content = the list of items in the merch, including prices, set prices and set bonus. Limited mention goes here.
  • Link Tweet = the link to the official tweet for the merch

Optional parameters[edit]

  • Merch Art 2 = any additional image to display in tabber
  • Merch Art 3 = any additional image to display in tabber
  • Merch Art Size = the size of the images to display, defaults to 500px if not specified
  • Scheduled Date = the scheduled delivery start period
  • Link Article = a link to a press release or shop article for the merch
  • Link Article = a link to a store merch, official hololive shop or collab store
  • Link Booth = a link to the Booth merch page
  • Link Geekjack = a link to the Geekjack merch page
  • Headerstyle = see #Headerstyle below


Which headerstyle is displayed is determined in this order:

  • whatever is specified in the |Headerstyle= parameter (if defined)
  • background-color:{{Template:{{PAGENAME}}/background-color2}};color:{{Template:{{PAGENAME}}/color2}}
    • In other words, the template reads the values in Template:{{PAGENAME}}/background-color2 and Template:{{PAGENAME}}/color2 via transclusion
    • If either page does not exist, the colors #27C7FE and #FFFFFF will be used respectively.