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This template lets you style links that are enclosed within [[ and ]](i.e. internal links and interwiki links). Technically speaking, it is mainly used to style the text-decoration, color, and background attributes, which are often overridden in <a></a> tags placed post hoc by the wikitext parser. The alias ls can be used instead of Link style.


{{Link style|link target|link text|style=style}}

  • link target - Required. The name of the wiki page you want to link to.
  • link text - Optional. The text to display instead.
  • style – Optional. Takes the value of color:#ffffff; if omitted. You will need to add quotation marks if you have spaces.


  • {{Link style|Hololive Production|Hololive|style="background:#27c7fe; color:#ffffff;"}} = Hololive
  • <span style="background-color:#27c7fe;>{{ls|Hololive Production}}</span> = Hololive Production

External links[edit]

This template does not work for external links. To style external links, just do something like this:

[https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/ <span style="color:#27c7fe;">Hololive official website</span>] = Hololive official website

What if I only want to style part of a link text?[edit]

For more granular control, this template falls short. Instead, here is basically how this template works.

[[Hololive Production|<span style="text-decoration:red wavy underline">Hololive</span> Production]] = Hololive Production