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{{Cover box
| Title       = 
| Main Link   = 
| Original by = 
| Sung by     = (optional)
| Credits     = 
| Image       = (optional)
| Size        = (optional)
| Headerstyle = (optional)

Required parameters[edit]

  • Title = the title of the song being covered. Alternate names or romanizations may be put in parentheses.
  • Main Link = the URL that the user will be directed to when the user clicks on the image
  • Original by = the creator(s) of the original song that is being covered. Please also provide a link to the original song here as a courtesy.
  • Credits = those who worked on the cover

Optional parameters[edit]

  • Sung by = the singer(s) featured in the cover. Mainly used for collab covers.
  • Image = the filename of the image to display, e.g. a thumbnail of the cover. Just the filename only. Do not surround the filename with [[File:...]]. A placeholder will be shown if no image is specified.
  • Size = the size to display the file. Defaults to 240x140px (or 100x100px if the placeholder is used)
  • Headerstyle = see #Headerstyle below


Which headerstyle is displayed is determined in this order:

  • whatever is specified in the |Headerstyle= parameter (if defined)
  • background-color:{{Template:{{PAGENAME}}/background-color2}};color:{{Template:{{PAGENAME}}/color2}}
    • In other words, the template reads the values in Template:{{PAGENAME}}/background-color2 and Template:{{PAGENAME}}/color2 via transclusion
    • If either page does not exist, the colors #27c7fe and #ffffff will be used respectively.

Credits order[edit]

See the box project page and discussion page: