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A project is defined as a planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and accomplished in several steps or stages. Here is where you'll find the ongoing projects at Hololive Fan Wiki. A project could be something simple and concrete, such as slowly rolling out a change over several pages, or something more abstract, such as pursuing a long-term goal.

Who can create a project?[edit]

Anyone can create a project and have others join it.

Creating a new project[edit]

Creating a new project is easy. Just create a new page following this format: Hololive Fan Wiki:Projects/<project name> and make sure to include [[Category:Active projects]] in your project page. Or alternatively, use the form below.

What your project page looks like is up to you. However, we recommend that you:

  • describe what your project is about.
  • leave detailed instructions to allow anyone to join your project.
  • keep track of your project progress.

Active projects[edit]

Looking to join an active project? Here are the currently ongoing projects on this wiki. To participate, just follow the instructions on the project page.

Completed projects[edit]

To mark a project as completed, replace [[Category:Active projects]] in your project page with [[Category:Completed projects]] and it will show up here.