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Logo used for 2023 hi:BANA
Initial event2023
ProducersHololive ID

hi:BANA, or hololive Indonesia bunkasai night, is special series of streams by Hololive ID. The initial event follows the introduction of brand-new Kimono outfits for all talents under the Indonesia branch.

Overview[edit source]

hi:BANA's special streams are the first of its kind to feature all 9 currently active Hololive Indonesia talents. The streams will be held over 2 days, with talents hosting various solo streams and eventually concluding with a final stream on the official Hololive Indonesia channel. The Event has a number of activities that feature audience participation, such as a low-cost cosplay competition, food reviews, and a maid cafe.

Media[edit source]

An animated manga was published in a series of episodes. The manga explores a hypothetical retelling of how Hololive Summer was able to return.

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