A trip down tako lane

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A trip down tako lane
VRChat world
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A trip down tako lane is a VRChat world art gallery showcasing the artwork of Ninomae Ina'nis. The world was unveiled during her 2nd birthday stream, in which Ina explained that world was a gift from her to her fans, and that she intended the world to be a place where her fans could socialize.[1]


The gallery is cylindrical and nearly submerged in water. The inside wall of the exhibit is lined with a selection of artworks including some of Ina's favorites that were reviewed as part of her 2021 art reflection stream and the art that she drew for her music videos (Violet, 旅の途中, ないない). In the center of the exhibit is a small monolith. When interacted with, the monolith leads to a place called Beyond the Void which was first seen in her April Fool's stream.

Gallery rooms[edit]

Additional photos[edit]


  • 優しく自然を感じそうなアンビエント
    Made by: MoppySound
    Usage: Gallery BGM
  • この世の物と思えない神秘_大自然・瞑想
    Made by:
    Usage: Beyond the Void BGM


  • Players can walk on the map's water.