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SYNTAX {{Age as of date|Known Age|Year at time of Known Age|Birth Month|Birth Day}}

This template calculates a person's current age based on a known age as at a specific year and their birthday. This is useful when a reference states a talents or staff's age at the time of a particular milestone. For example, Someone with a birthday of March 3rd, who was age 14 during the year 2010 will be written as so

{{Age as of date|14|2010|March|3}} 

The age, year, and day must be supplied as W:natural numbers; month can be specified as a natural number as well as by name or abbreviation (e.g., "August" or "Aug"). The W:Gregorian calendar is assumed, with no special support provided for W:dual dating or the difference between W:Old Style and New Style dates.


Template text Result
{{Age as of date|50|2022|1|1}} 53
{{Age as of date|50|2022|12|31}} 52
{{Age as of date|50|2022|07|25}} 52
{{Age as of date|50|2022|Jul|25}} 52
{{Age as of date|50|2022|July|25}} 52

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