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Hololive Indonesia 1st Generation (ホロライブインドネシア1期生) or Hololive Indonesia Generasi 1, is the first wave of VTubers under Hololive Indonesia. They later gained the name AREA15 as their gen name, based on the name of their monthly full gen collab stream.


Ayunda Risu

Ayunda Risu debuted on April 10, 2020.

Instagram: @ayunda_risu

Links Ayunda Risu Ch. hololive-ID     @ayunda_risu     Ayunda Risu hololive ID
Moona Hoshinova

Moona Hoshinova debuted on April 11, 2020.

Instagram: @moonahoshinova

Links Moona Hoshinova hololive-ID     @moonahoshinova     Moona Hoshinova hololive ID
Airani Iofifteen

Airani Iofifteen debuted on April 12, 2020.

Instagram: @airani_iofifteen

Links Airani Iofifteen Channel hololive-ID     @airaniiofifteen     Airani Iofifteen hololive ID     /u/iofi_notLofi


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