Aquatime Select

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Aquatime Select
Extended Play by Minato Aqua
Japanese name♡あくあたいむ・せれくと♡
English name♡Aquatime Select♡
RelasedJanuary 29, 2022
Producer40mP • MikitoP • TOKOTOKO • DECO*27
Lyrics40mP • MikitoP • TOKOTOKO • DECO*27
Recorded2021 - 2022
LabelCover Corporation
Digital releaseLink

Aquatime Select (Stylized as ♡あくあたいむ・せれくと♡, ♡Aquatime Select♡) is the debut extended play by Japanese Virtual YouTuber Minato Aqua. It was released on January 29, 2022, by Cover Corporation. The extended play was produced by 40mP, MikitoP, TOKOTOKO & DECO*27. The extended play also includes "Kaisou Ressha", "I Wanna", "Uni-Birth" & "Kira Kira" which were previously released as a single.


Aqua held her second solo live "Aqua iro in Wonder Land" on January 28, 2022, part of the concert was streamed for free on YouTube, while the full concert was available on the SPWN website.

During the live on January 20, 2022, Aqua debuted a new original song "I wanna," as well as the commemorative EP "♡aquatime select♡" featuring four songs. She also debuted a new 3D costume. As the name of her concert suggests, Aqua wears a dress inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". It is mainly white with two shades of blue, with white frills at the ends, a white lolita-style apron over it, and black and silver ribbons to the sides of the apron and above her chest. The dress also partially covers her arms with white shoulder pads and blue puffy cloth extended from the chest area, and has a diamond-shaped hole above her chest. She wears a blue hairband with a large blue ribbon attached to the top, reminding of rabbit ears, and has additional smaller hair decorations at each end of the hairband. Aqua also wears golden heart-shaped earrings, brown shows adorned with black ribbons, and long white stockings: the right one has a line of black diamonds to the side and a lone black spade above her knee. Aqua also carries a giant spoon, and her fingernails are painted in the same shade of blue as her hair.[1]

Track Listing[edit]

No. Title Wrier(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Kaisou Ressha" 40mP 4:10
2. "I Wanna" MikitoP 3:48
3. "Uni-Birth" TOKOTOKO 3:45
4. "Kira Kira" DECO*27 2:56



  • Jan. 29 Album release date.[2]





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